New Music from Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and More!!

Gwen Stefani - Spark The Fire

Hi everyone! First I wanted to apologize for not posting in so long. There’s been a lot happening in the music scene lately and I have a few movie reviews pending, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to publish anything!

So, this past two weeks we’ve got lots of new music form some of my favorite artists in the world! First Beyoncé released the Platinum Edition from her latest album and the music video for her new single 7/11. I was very excited about this re-release, but after listening to the new songs I’ve decided I’m not going to buy it. First time I listened I hated, like seriously both songs, now I’m obsessed with 7/11. It shows a different side of Bey and it really grew on me with only too listens. Ring Off is not that bad either but for me it’s kind of blah, I get why it wasn’t included in the original album. The remixes are terrible, the only one I was excited about was the Blow remix with Pharrell Williams, but it was just the exact same song with him singing some lines. Anyways, check out the music video for 7/11 below and let me know what do you thing about this re-release in the comments! 

Earlier this week Gwen Stefani‘s new single Spark The Fire leaked. It’s a collaboration with Pharrell Williams and though it brings back the Gwen I fell in love with I’m a little disappointed again. It’s much much better than her comeback single Baby Don’t Lie, but this song reminds me too much to What Are You Waiting For and Star The Fire from No Doubt‘s Rock Steady album! The single will be release on iTunes on Monday so be sure to check it out!

Later Rihanna published a snippet of a new song to her Instagram account. I don’t know if this is the first single from the album she’s working on or the name of the song, I just now I can’t wait to listen in full!!

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phuckin roun in da studio

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Then a snippet of a new Madonna song called Rebel Heart leaked and just yesterday the song leaked in full along with another song called Wash All Over Me. Well, after listening to both songs I have to say that I’m really impressed! Both songs remind me a lot of the Madonna from Ray Of Light and Music and those are my fave albums from her!! They’re like a mix of those eras with a little bit of MDNA. I think this album is going to be great!!

Last but not least, I just discover this new song by Kesha called Lover and though it’s been out for a while I didn’t know it existed until now. I’ve liked Kesha since she came out back in 2009, not for her most successful songs but because of some of her lesser known work, especially some unreleased songs like Hearts On Fire or While You Were Sleeping. Now she’s changed her music label and dropped the $ from her name and now she’s going for a new sound and I think she’s really starting to let her true self shine in this sound and I love it!

So, what do you think about all this new music? I’m obsessed with all this song, especially 7/11 and Rebel Heart!!

PS. Sorry again for not posting in so long!!

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