Top 10 Places I’ve Visited

One of the things I love the most is traveling. Luckily I can say I’ve visited lots of cities and countries and I’ve fallen in love with many places I’ve been to. Still there are many places I wish I’ll be able to visit in the future.

Here are my Top10 favorite places I’ve been to!

10. Ibiza (2009/2012)

I have a friend who’s father is from Ibiza and they have a house there. First time I was there I was still 17 and none of my friends could drive so we didn’t do much. We stayed in the pool and went to the beach next to my friend’s house (picture below). Next time, was two summers ago and we did lots of different things because we had a car. We visited many different and very beautiful beaches, snorkeled , sailed to Formentera and party a lot. I’m not that party loving guy, so what made me fall in love with the island was how beautiful and relaxing it is.

Eivissa-Playas de Ibiza01

9. Budapest (2006)

I went to Budapest with my mom and my grandma when I was 15. It was one of those organized trips so we couldn’t enjoy much of the city by ourselves, but still I fell in love with it. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to and the Parliament is really amazing. My mom is going again next month, I wish I went with her!!


8. Prague (2006/2009)

I visited Prague for the first time in the same trip I visited Budapest. I didn’t like it much because we were exhausted from the trip and the organization wasn’t very good. I visited the city again when I did the Inter-Rail with my friends when I finished high school. The Inter-Rail is a trip for young people and consists in a train ticket for 22 days and you can take as many trains as you wish in those days for one price. You can see many European cities and stay in hostels, meet people and walk A LOT!

This time around I fell in love with the city. It rained a lot, but I still enjoy the city as much as I could and I found it very beautiful.


7. Berlin (2009)

I visited Berlin with the Inter-Rail too. We saw a lot in only two days and I loved everything! It’s a very beautiful city and I loved the atmosphere. My friends had been there before so we went to the most important places only. I have to visit again for sure!


6. Washington DC (2010)

I was in Washington only for one day, but I loved it!! I was there the 4th of July and got to see the fireworks! It was an amazing experience. I loved everything about the city, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, the White House and of course the Smithsonian. That’s one of my favorite museums that I’ve visited.


5. Rome (2009/2012)

Rome was the last city we visited with the Inter-Rail and we stayed like 5 days, more than in any other city. I loved it! There are many things to see and I love that everything is near. Next time I was in Rome was only for one day on a Mediterranean Cruise two years ago. I didn’t get to see anything new, because I saw almost everything the first time, but I loved to be back there!


4. Paris (2004/2009)

I visited Paris for the first time when I was 13 with my mom and my grandma and later we went to Disneyland with my uncles and little cousins. I love traveling with my mom because she studies a lot about the places we’ll visit and we do many cool stuff! Next time I was there was with the Inter-Rail and we only got two days to see the city. We couldn’t see the museums, but we walked a lot to see as much as possible. I love Paris, but it truly is a very expensive city!


3. London (2008/2010/2011/2013)

London is the city I’ve visited the most! I was there on holiday with my mom in 2008 and then again in 2010 and we got to see many things of this amazing city, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I fell completely in love with it. I lived there for 4 month and got to really know the place. Last year I went back to meet with the people I studied with and we did many of the things we used to do while we lived there together!


2. Walt Disney World/Universal Studios – Orlando (2001/2013)

I may be 22 years old, but I’m still a child. I was in Disney World with my family when I was 9 and it was like the best place I ever went to!! I always wished I could go back and really enjoy it, because the first time I was afraid of roller coasters and didn’t take any cool ride. Last year my dreams came true and I went back!! I was there with my mom and some friends and I had the time of my life! I got lots of autographs from Disney characters and took every ride. I especially loved Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland with The Little Mermaid’s and Beauty And The Beast’s areas.

I also loved the Universal Studios and I totally freak out in the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter area of the Islands Of Adventure!! I was very mad that they closed the Jaws ride though!!

I’d totally go back again!!Such a cool place to be.



1. New York City (2010)

Finally my favorite place in the world is New York City!! I was there with two friends of mine back in 2010 and I might visit this amazing city again with my mom later this year!! I loved everything about NY, I always thought it was the coolest place in the world and it didn’t disappoint! Really, one of the best experiences I’ve had was watching the view of the city on top of the Rockefeller Center! AMAZING!!


What cool places have you visited?? Let me know in the comments!!