The Little Mermaid 25th Anniversary

Today 25 years ago my favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite movies of all time was released. I’ve said it many times and I will never get tired of saying it, in my opinion, The Little Mermaid is the greatest animated movie ever made and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I first watched it as a kid.

I don’t know what it is that makes this movie so magical. Maybe is that I live in an island and I’ve always admired the ocean and of course I love everything related to magic creatures like mermaids. But I don’t know if my love for all those things came before or after watching this movie. 

Everything about it is perfect, the design of the characters and both underwater and on land kingdoms the music, and of course the story. Many people say the movie has a bad message because of Ariel leaving everything that she has and what she is for a man, but that is not true!!! Ariel has always dreamt to be human, remember she sings Part Of Your World even before she sees Eric for the first time. She fights for her dreams and makes mistakes in the way, but remember she’s only 16 years old, she’s still growing up and learning. She’s a character every teenager can relate to.

Anyways, I just wanted to celebrate that after 25 years this movie is still one of the most popular and relevant Disney movies and I’m sure 25 years from now it’s still going to be!

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