Top 10 Hits from the 2000s pt. 2


The other day I posted my favorite hits from the first half of the past decade. Now is time to choose the songs that made me crazy from 2006 to 2010! Again I will only include one song per artist so it’s fair to everyone!

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Top 10 Shakira Songs

Shakira is releasing her new self titled album this Friday and though I don’t like her anymore, I’m gonna, at least, give it a listen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate her, but I was such a huge fan of her when I was younger and I was so disappointed when she “sold herself” to make commercial music. I like some of her new stuff like Can’t Remember To Forget You, but it’s because the song it’s catchy, it’s not something the Shakira I used to love would do!

Anyways, to remember the good old fashioned Shakira I’m doing a Top 10 with what I think are her best songs. Enjoy!

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