ANTM – Cycle 21 Recap + Finale

Lenox - Guess

I am so pissed!!! I know I haven’t done an ANTM recap for a while, but like I’ve told you before I’ve been very busy lately. Since the last episode I reviewed I’ve been more and more disappointed. First Chantalle was saved, then they eliminated Raelia and then Shei and now in the season finale they eliminate Lenox?!?! Is this serious?

Lenox has been my favorite contestant since the beginning of the competition and I’m used to see my favorite losing, but she deserved to at least be on the final three!! I really hated Adam at the beginning, but I started to like him because he changed his act a little bit and started to deliver good photos, but not good enough to be in the top three! 

When Lenox was eliminated I skipped the whole episode until the end just to see who won. Guess who won… Keith! Surprising right? (I’m being sarcastic here.) Tyra has idolized Keith since day one and she’s always given him 10s and 9s just for him to keep going when others did better than him.

If Will had won I wouldn’t be so mad, but seriously, Keith???? I can’t believe this. He’s just a bad copy of Tyson Beckford. Seriously I’m so mad I’m questioning wether to watch next season or not, this show has lost so much, it’s terrible! I think it should go back to what it was with only girls in the competition and the old judging way, the show was so much better!

I think they eliminated Lenox first because that way we wouldn’t see her commercial, which seemed to be pretty great, and therefore the guys wouldn’t have had a chance to win. I bet Lenox had better photos in the Guess shoot and Tyra picked her worsts.

Seriously Tyra, you always say it’s not you who makes the final decision, but this time I don’t believes you. I’m so disappointed!

What did you guys think about the finale? Are you happy Keith won or would you have preferred someone else to win? Let me know in the comments!

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