Lana Del Rey – Big Eyes + I Can Fly

Lana Del Rey

Two songs from Tim Burton‘s new movie Big Eyes composed by Lana Del Rey leaked yesterday and they’re beyond amazing!! I love every soundtrack she’s made to date, especially Young & Beautiful from The Great Gatsby. These two songs are just as good as her previous work and I’m in love right now with both of them!

I hope this time she gets at least an Oscar nomination because she deserved it one last year and she didn’t get it because of the time the Gatsby movie premiered. 

The first song I Can Fly is set to appear during the film’s end credits and I’m like super obsessed with the song. The second one which shares the movie title, is a little bit different, but I really like it too. This song will appear through the film like Young & Beautiful did in The Great Gatsby. Check both song below!

The movie premieres December 25th just in time for Christmas Day! Are you excited to see it? What do you think about the songs? I’m loving them!!

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