[•REC] 4 Review


I’m not a big fan of Spanish cinema, but I love horror movies and this saga is amazing!! I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since the first movie came out and scared the shit out of everyone from Spain and many countries. It was so successful that it even had a Hollywood remake called Quarantine. I always prefer the American versions of horror movies, like The Grudge or The Ring, but in this case I really recommend you to watch the original version!

The second movie wasn’t as good as the first one, but did explain lots of things and why everything happened. It also had a very unexpected ending so it was really good too. Then the third one was an awesome action/zombie-killing movie but it lost the essence of the first two movies so I wouldn’t count it as part of the saga. I really loved it though! 

Same thing happened with this one. It loses the essence of found footage and it just became a regular action/horror movie. It wasn’t bad, I was entertained the whole time, but it wasn’t as good as the third one which is the one that can be compared to.

We have Manuela Velasco, the main character from the original movies, back and that is a great plus for the movie! She won a Goya (the Spanish version of the Oscars) for her role in the first movie and she’s really good in this one too.

One of the reasons I wanted to watch it was not only yo finish the saga, but because it was filmed in my hometown and I was curious to see if they showed something of my city. Everything happens inside of a ship, so unfortunately you can’t see anything, haha.

It wasn’t the best [•REC] movie, but it wasn’t a bad movie either, but if I were you, I wouldn’t spend my money on watching it in the cinema.

It leaves us with an open ending, but I think they should end the saga here and don’t go longer with it.

My Rating: 70/100


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