Once Upon A Time – Season 4 – Rocky Road Recap

Once Upon A Time - Season 4 - Ep 3

I haven’t have much free time this week catching up with all my classes after my trip to NY, so I couldn’t watch the new episode of Once Upon A Time until now. God, this can easily be the best season yet!! Not only because it’s about Frozen, but because with only three episodes I’m more intrigued than ever!!

The Snow Queen story is great, I would’v never guessed she’s Elsa’s aunt!! Or maybe she was just lying. I’m so curious to know what does her have to do with Emma. Why does her know Emma? From her human past before she ever went to Storybrooke? I don’t know, I’m so intrigued!!! 

In this episode we finally get to meet Hanz and I have to say I’m not very happy with the actor who plays him, he is not handsome at all and Hanz is one of the best looking princes in all Disney movies.

On the other hand, I know I said I didn’t like the actor who plays Kristoff either, but in this episode I really liked him and I’ve changed my mind, I think he’s very good as Kristoff, the only thing is that he could be just a little funnier.

Apart from the Snow Queen there’s this new character that I’ve never seen before, but apparently he’s from the spin off show Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. I don’t know his name, well I read it on the internet, but I don’t remember, haha. I’m talking about the guy that leads Emma to the ice cream shop. It’s just me or he’s a less good looking version of Jake Gyllenhaal?

I loved this episode and I can’t wait to see more!!! Are you loving this season so far? Let me know in the comments!!


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