ANTM – Cycle 21 – The Girl Who Says It’s Over Recap

ANTM - Cycle 21 - Ep 8

So, this week we finally discovered what that DNA test was for. I liked a lot that they found out a lot about their heritage that they didn’t know before. It was really interesting and I wish I could have that too. But the photoshoot they did using that concept was a little weird. I loved that they used Cory from last cycle as an androgyne futuristic robot, but the costumes they used in the contestants were too much.

I also think most of them were eclipsed by Cory and didn’t stand out on their pictures, so it was very difficult to choose three photos today. 

I’m sick of Mirjana and Denzel’s relationship, please send them both home!! And I don’t really get why the hell Tyra gives Keith so high grades all the time!!!!! His pictures are so boring, always the same and though he is very handsome, he doesn’t know how to model.

On the other hand I’m really surprised that I’m starting to like Adam. He’s toned down his frat boy act and he’s learning a lot and becoming better and better.

As for the photos, I think we can all agree that Lenox is killing it and she delivers better pictures every week. She’s got best photo for three weeks in a row and this time she got a 10 from all the judges. AMAZING!!! I also give best photo to her, in my opinion this is one of the best photos in the history of America’s Next Top Model.

Lenox - Ep 8

My second call out must be for Will. He also did a really good job and in my opinion he and Lenox were the only two contestants that really stood out this week. I love his photo and his face look amazing!!

Will - Ep 8

Third place was really difficult to choose because I didn’t like much any of the other photos this week, but I’m going to give it to Raelia because she really improved from last week’s mess. It’s not a brilliant photo, but it’s not as bad as the others’ photos.

Raelia - Ep 8

I was sad that Matthew left because I really liked his personality and I was hoping to see him get intimate with Will, but his pictures were going downhill and this week he didn’t do a good job.

Who was your favorite this week? Who do you want to go home next? Let me know in the comments!!!


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