Top 10 Gwen Stefani + No Doubt Singles

Last night was the second part of the premiere of The Voice with new coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. I only watched the first season of this show because of Christina Aguilera, it was good, but not good enough to keep watching for 7 seasons.

I did watch these two episodes because I’ve always loved Gwen and No Doubt and I wanted to see her on TV. The best thing that comes out of this is that she’s announced she’s working in both a new solo album and a new No Doubt album!!! Isn’t this awesome??? 

So I decided to pick my top 10 singles by her and the band and put them on a list. It wasn’t easy, I love many of her solo songs and also many songs from the group, so it was really hard finding a balance. I did my best and I hope you like the list I came up with!

10. The Sweet Scape (Feat. Akon) – The Sweet Scape (2006)

This was the first and title single from her second and last solo album. I loved the song when it was released and still love it today. I also love the concept of the music video and the style of the song. It was a very successful song and it’s one of the most loved by everyone.

9. Rich Girl (Feat. Eve) – Love.Angel.Music.Baby (2004)

One of the best things of Gwen’s solo career are her music videos, and this one is one of my favorites! The song is also great and Eve‘s collaboration is amazing. I love how Gwen made this classic song her own and I love the end result, it’s really good!!

8. Hey Baby – Rock Steady (2001)

This was the first time I really noticed No Doubt. I know, but remember when they started I was just a kid so I didn’t know who they were, I knew some of their songs because I listened to them on the radio, but I didn’t know exactly who they were. I really like the style of this song and it’s one of my favorites from the band!

7. What You Waiting For? – Love.Angel.Music.Baby (2004)

This was the first time we heard Gwen as a solo artist and I fell in love with her and with the song. Again, the music video was amazing, the Alice In Wonderland theme made me fall in love and the aesthetic of the video is amazing! This song put Gwen on the map and made her an even bigger star than she already was and I really love it!

6. Just A Girl – Tragic Kingdom (1995)

This is one of Gwen’s favorite songs and she sings it every time she can. She even sang it on The Voice for no reason, I loved that! It’s also one of my favorites and I think it really defines No Doubt’s style of music. I hope the new album they’re working on follows this kind of sound. It’d be really awesome!

5. 4 In The Morning – The Sweet Scape (2006)

This is one of my favorite ballads in pop music history. It’s my favorite song from her second album and one of my favorites of hers. I love the lyrics and the music and the music video is very beautiful, I just love it so much! I love that it shows a softer side of Gwen and I love that side! This song is perfect!!

4. Hella Good – Rock Steady (2001)

I love this song! The four coaches performed it on the premiere of The Voice and it was amazing!! I love the rock sound it has and it’s really one of my favorite songs of the group. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it was the song I chose to listen to riding the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket at Universal Studios Orlando and every time I listen to it a lot of fun memories come to my mind!

3. Cool – Love.Angel.Music.Baby (2004)

Like I said I love the softer side of Gwen Stefani and this song is my favorite ballad of hers. I love the theme of the song and music video because they narrate a very relatable story and I love that! She looked amazingly stunning in the video with the brown hair and, again, the video was great! I love this song so much and if it wasn’t because the two that are left are so epic, it would be my first choice!

2. Don’t Speak – Tragic Kingdom (1995)

This is the most popular song of the band and one of the saddest songs in music history. Everybody knows and loves this song and it’s understandable, it’s one of the best songs of all time, in my opinion, and sure the best of the band. I know it deserves to be the first on the list, but I really think the one I chose deserves to be on top!

1. Hollaback Girl – Love.Angel.Music.Baby (2004)

And, of course, number one has to be this one!! I love diss songs and this is the most epic of them all!! It’s my favorite Gwen hit and I love everything about it, especially the part where she teaches us how to spell bananas, in case you still don’t know it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S, haha. Seriously, I love this song, the music video, the lyrics, the disses, everything about it is perfect!!

So, what are your favorite Gwen Stefani or No Doubt songs? Let me know in the comments!!

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