New Girl – Season 4 – Dice Recap

New Girl - Season 4 - Ep 2

I think I’m starting to like this show again, they’re going back to what the show used to be when it first started and I’m loving it! In this week’s episode I really laugh a lot with all the situations, Schmidt teaching Jess how to date, Nick, Cece and Coach high at Winston’s party and all the weirdos Jess meets. It was really good!

I loved the concept of the episode because many people are using similar apps to date, or have sex, and I find that really funny, where has humanity gone to? Seriously, I don’t know how people can do it, but good for them! 

Like I said I laugh a lot with all the guys Jess meets and just when you thought she found a good one he is a magician, well not a regular magician, a comedian magician, hahaha. I hope they find someone good for Jess, I don’t want her to go back with Nick, I think that relationship ruined the show.

As for Schmidt I really want him to go back with Cece, she told us she was lost in life and she needs a good change, maybe now they’re both mature enough to be together, I think this is the right time to do it guys!

So, I’m falling in love with the show again, so I’m going to keep watching and see if it goes back to what it used to be!!

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