Modern Family – Season 6 – The Long Honeymoon Recap

Modern Family - Season 6 - Ep 1

Last night was the premiere of Modern Family and I have to say the episode was really good!! I loved all the character’s but Cam. I used to like him a lot and I thought he was one of the funniest ones, but he’s stuck, he has become very annoying to me, victimizing himself all the time.

As for the others, I loved Gloria the most in this episode, Sofía Vergara looked amazing even when she was supposed to look bad, and she was very funny like always. I love when she speaks Spanish and that she’s very competitive and always wants to win against Jay. 

As for the Dunphys I loved how well they were until Alex came back to the house and brought all her negativity, I really like Alex and she’s the most rational of all of them! I loved that they realized they couldn’t live without her and begged her to stay.

The funniest character for me is Lily, seriously she kills me every time she speak, but in this episode she didn’t have much time on camera, I love her sarcastic humor, it’s brilliantly funny for her age.

I’m really looking forward for the next episode, this season started very well, so I hope they keep it that way!!

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