Gotham – Season 1 – Pilot Recap

Gotham - Season 1 - Ep 1

Monday night was also the premiere of DC Comics‘ new Tv show Gotham. I was very excited about this new series, especially because Ben McKenzie stars in it, but I have to say that he didn’t convince me as detective Jim Gordon, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan Atwood from The OC the whole time, he kept making the same facial expressions he did back then!!

I love the idea of the show, telling every Batman villain story from the beginning since Bruce Wayne was still a kid. I love that the whole plot of the show spins around the murder of his parents and you get to see how everyone is involved. 

My favorite character in this first episode was Oswald Cobblepot (AKA Penguin), I found him very interesting! I also liked Jada Pinkett Smith‘s character (Fish) and then I loved that Catwoman was everywhere observing like a cat.

I did like this first episode, but it was a little too long (50 minutes) and a little too slow, I think that they need to add more action or shorten the episodes. It was just the pilot so I’ll keep watching and see how the show develops, I’m looking forward to see all the villains stories!!

Btw, do you think the funny guy who was auditioning for Fish is the Joker? I think so!! We’ll need to watch more to know!!

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