On The Run: Beyoncé & Jay-Z HBO Special Review

Beyoncé - On The Run Tour

I finally got to watch Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s On The Run HBO Special! I aired on Saturday, but since I live in Spain I couldn’t watch then and had to wait until today to see it. There hasn’t been any videos or anything for two days, you know, they rule the world! Haha.

I went to see Bey at her own tour earlier this year and I really enjoyed it. It was one of the best experiences of my life and when I discover later that she was going on tour with Jay just afterwards I was so mad!!! Now I can say that both concerts were epic, but her Mrs. Carter Show has nothing to envy this tour. 

I did like it a lot, but since I’m not a huge Jay-Z fan I didn’t know many of his songs and I was bored in most of his parts. I’m sure it wouldn’t happen in real life, I mean when you’re at a concert you give everything you have! I also found the middle of the second half of the show a little boring too. But in general the concert was amazing!

I loved all of Bey’s outfits, she wore some of my favorite concert costumes she’s ever worn and, though the performances were very similar to the ones on Mrs. Carter and her latest TV performances, I really enjoyed them. I even liked when Nicki Minaj joined her on stage to sing Flawless. I don’t like her very much and I didn’t like the studio version of the remix they made, but live on stage was great!

The videography was spectacular, I loved it, but there were some things I didn’t like about the editing. I didn’t understand the use of so much slow motion and why they turned some of the performances into black and white.

My favorite parts were the opening with ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, Upgrade U and Crazy In Love; Beyoncé covering Lauryn Hill‘s Ex-Factor and the end with On The Run and the emotional performance of Forever Young, one of my favorite songs ever, the original not Jay’s version, but it was really great to see them look at the screen showing private videos of them, their wedding, when Blue was born and more!

The best thing of this tour is that they performed many of their duets, but I missed Deja Vú, I don’t know why she’s not singing it lately, I love that song!! I also liked that she sang many of my favorite songs that she hasn’t performed in a while like Ring The Alarm or Resentment.

So, the concert was great, a little bit too long, I’ll probably skip Jay’s solo parts when I buy the dvd, haha. But seriously, I loved it!

My Rating: 85/100

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