ANTM – Cycle 21 – The Girl Who Got Five Frames Recap

ANTM - Cycle 21 - Ep6

I’ve been dying to watch this episode the whole week!! After what happened at panel in the last episode I needed to know if Lenox was going to stay or not. Thankfully she did an amazing job both in the challenge and the shoot and even got best photo!! She proved everyone you can go from the bottom to the top if you work hard.

I really liked this weeks shoot, it was really funny watching the guys work those weaves and the girls looked amazing with them. The challenge was great too with special guest Nick Cannon. It was very creative and I agree with him, Lenox’x team was the best! 

I also loved seeing Nina from last cycle, she was one of my favorites and I hope she’s doing well in the real world. She has a very unique look and I loved her big eyes.

Anyways, I agree with the judges and the social media, Lenox got the best shot and she did it in only five frames!!! I loved her video, the hair whip and her face were spectacular!

Lenox - Ep 6

My second favorite was Marjana. She had the biggest weave and the most difficult to work with, it could’ve eaten her easily, but she delivered a great video and looked amazing!

Marjana - Ep 6

And last, my third favorite was Kari, I don’t know why she was in the bottom three, I really liked her shot and she’s got one of the most unique looks, like Tyra says, she’s the ice princess. I really like her and I think she delivered this week!


So, it was all about the girls this week. Guys didn’t do so well, the only one I liked was Will, but still I preferred all the girls! I’m really sad Ben went home, I really liked him and for now he’s my favorite one to come back!!

What did you think about last night’s episode? Who was your favorite? Let me know in the comments

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