The Mysteries Of Laura – Season 1 – Pilot Recap

The Mysteries Of Laura - 101

Yesterday I watched the pilot for the new show The Mysteries Of Laura. Like I already said in other post, this show is a remake of a Spanish one, so it makes me proud to have a Spanish concept go overseas. The fact that Debra Messing is the star of the show just makes me want to watch it even more! I love everything she’s done, from Will & Grace to The Starter Wife.

So, I was very excited to watch and I really liked it! It looks like the typical police investigation show, but it has a very funny twist. I used to watch the Spanish one from time to time with my mom and I think they captured the essence of the show very well. 

Laura is a struggling mom going through a divorce with her cheating husband with two kids that seriously need a lot of time to cope with. They’re very very bad boys, but she loves them more than anything. On the other hand she’s a detective from the NYPD and a very good one.

This first episode was very entertaining and the case was very surprising! I don’t remember if this case was also on the Spanish show or not, but I really liked it. I reminded me a lot of shows I used to watch as a kid like Detective Conan, haha.

Anyways, I liked this pilot and I will check out a few more episodes to see how the show develops. If you watched it, let me know your thoughts in the comments!!

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