New Girl – Season 4 – The Last Wedding Recap

New Girl - 401

So, all new seasons for everyone’s favorite shows are coming this month and last night season 4 of New Girl premiered on Fox. Like I’ve said before, I really liked this show at the beginning, but last season wasn’t very good for me. I didn’t really like Nick and Jess being together and it got really boring for me.

The only reason I continued watching was Schmidt, he’s one of the funniest characters on today’s television and, of course, the best on this show. I also like Winston a lot, he’s creepily and weirdly funny and I liked that! 

Another reason I didn’t like last season was Coach. Seriously, why did they bring him back? He’s not funny and he just doesn’t fit well with the other characters, I don’t like him at all!

Anyways, I gave this new season a chance because I read Jessica Biel was joining the cast. Now it seems that she was only guest starring in this episode, but it was good. I really liked her character and she was very funny, they should bring her back sometime or make her part last a few more episodes.

This episode was funny, not only because of Jessica Biel, Jess was good, Schmidt was great as always and Winston too, Nick was great too and Coach was ok. I like that Cece is single again so let’s see if she goes back together with Schmidt.

The best joke of the episode was when Schmidt said “Winter is coming…”. Seriously, I almost died!! I loved it!!

So, are you a fan of New Girl? What did you think about last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments!

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