Top 10 Shows I’ll be watching this Fall

Season premieres of all my favorite TV shows are finally coming next week. Well, some of them like Game Of Thrones will not return until next year, but there’re many shows to check out while you’re waiting.

I chose some of the shows I’m already watching and some of the new shows that I’m very excited to watch. There’re also some series that I stopped watching because I got tired of them or they were getting very bad, like for example Hart Of Dixie and Cougar Town

There’re were also some shows cancelled and shows I really liked!! The Crazy Ones was one of them (RIP Robin Williams) and I also laughed a lot with Super Fun Night, I just love Rebel Wilson, she’s so funny!

So here are the 10 shows I’m most excited to watch this season! I’ll be watching more than 10, but these are my 10 favorites!

The Mysteries Of Laura - Season 1

10. The Mysteries Of Laura

This show is based on a Spanish series that I did really enjoy. I didn’t follow all the episodes, but my mum did and I would watch it with her from time to time. The original show was so good and entertaining and I can’t wait to see how this new show turns out. I love Debra Messing so that’s early points for the show!

New Girl - Season 4

9. New Girl

This show is one of the ones I was wanting to stop watching. Last season wasn’t as good as the previous ones and it got very boring for me, especially since Nick and Jess got together. The reason I’ll keep watching it is because Jessica Biel will join the cast this season and, now that they have broken up, I hope their taking the show in a new direction!

Gotham - Season 1

8. Gotham

I’ve always been a fan of Marvel more than DC Comics. I was very excited when they announced Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. but then got so disappointed, I didn’t like the show at all! However I loved DC’s Arrow and this new show looks pretty good too. I love that they’re focusing on all the villain’s stories and watching Ben McKenzie again will remind me so much to The OC!

Mom - Season 2

7. Mom

One of the biggest revelations last year was, in my opinion, this show! I mean, I’m in with anything Anna Faris is in, but seriously, the show is really good! I love the dynamic and all the characters are really well constructed. I also loved Allison Janney, she is so funny, and Octavia Spencer was great in the show too! Seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet you should take a look, you’ll fall in love with it!

The Flash - Season 1

6. The Flash

DC is taking over our TVs and I’m really happy about it! Like I said, I’m more of a Marvel fan, but seriously, DC shows are awesome!! We got to see a preview of Flash in season 2 of Arrow and I really liked the character. I can’t wait to see him in his own show. If only Felicity left Arrow to go with Flash!!

Modern Family - Season 6

5. Modern Family

This has turned out to be one of the funniest sitcoms of this decade. It’s already in its 6th season and I still love it like in the first one. I love how all the characters has grown, especially the kids, and how the relationships have been changing through the years. I really love this show and it makes me laugh a lot, I can’t wait to see which stories are they coming up with for next season!!

Arrow - Season 3

4. Arrow

Again, DC is taking over! I didn’t watched this show until this summer and I loved it!! I watched the first two seasons in less than a week, it got me really obsessed! One of the reasons I love it so much is because of Willa Holland, I’ve loved her since she was on The OC and watching her again in a different show is great! I also like many of the actors a lot, but the thing I like the most is how they’ve adapted the stories of the DC characters to make the show unpredictable even for the comic fans!

Big Bang - Season 8

3. The Big Bang Theory

While last season’s finale was a little bit blah for me, I still love this show a lot! I’ve loved it since the beginning and there’s nothing they can do to ruin it. Many people are complaining about the girls making the show too romantic, but I think that shows a very important growth in the male characters, everyone has changed for the better. Except Leonard, I’ve never liked him much. If Raj still couldn’t talk to girls it would’ve been so boring and if Howard was still so gross it also would’ve been boring and of course Sheldon has changed the most, but he’s still so funny to watch, I don’t understand why people are complaining so much, what’s the fun in having the same characters for 8 seasons without any change in their personalities? Plus Amy and Bernadette are so funny as well, sometimes even funnier than the guys!! I love how the show has changed through the years and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next!

Once Upon A Time - Season 4

2. Once Upon A Time

As you may know, I love Disney, seriously, I’m obsessed! So, I was very excited when this show first came out. I watched a few episodes and I didn’t like it much, I was very disappointed and I stopped watching it. Earlier this year, a girl from my class told me that the show was awesome and that I had to watch it, so I gave it another chance. First season was a little boring, but it was necessary as an introduction to all the characters, but then seasons 2 and 3 were incredible!! I love how they structured the show after season 1 with two different main storylines in each season. Until now my favorite one was the Peter Pan story, it was amazing! I love how they changed every classic fairytale and turned it into a dark and mysterious story! I can’t wait for season 4 and the Frozen story!! It’s gonna be amazing!!!

American Horror Story: Freakshow

1. American Horror Story: Freakshow

I love this show for several reasons. I love horror movies and paranormal phenomena, I love that every season has the same cast but different characters, I LOVE Jessica Lange, and I can continue for hours! I’ve loved the three previous seasons, being Asylum my favorite. I love that they not only change the characters and the story, but also the dynamic of the show in each season. Like for example Coven was more like a teenage drama and season 1 was more like a regular TV show. I can’t wait to see this new season and what horrific ideas they come up with. Seriously, I think this is one of the best shows in the history of television!

So, what shows are you going to watch? Can you recommend me any of your favorites? Please, let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Shows I’ll be watching this Fall

  1. Marvel’s Agents of SHEILD season 2 and of course Peggy Carter! (But I’m not sure when that’s coming out… November?)

    • Seriously? I watched a few episodes from season 1 and it was terrible! I didn’t know they were making a show about Peggy, on IMDb says it’s coming in 2015!

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