ANTM – Cycle 21 – The Guy Who Gets A Beard Weave Recap

ANTM - Cycle 21 - Ep4

Surprisingly I’m liking this cycle of America’s Next Top Model a lot, I even like many of the guys. I think including guys in the competition is bad idea, but it does incorporate more drama to the show and though I prefer the modeling part, I find the drama very entertaining too.

In last night’s episode there was a lot of drama going on between Mirjana, Matthew and Denzel, but then everything took a different turn when Matthew kissed Will. This is the first time two guys kiss in ANTM history!! There’s also lots of drama going on with Romeo, he scares me a lot and people don’t really like him, but I think his look is the most fashion forward and he really looks like a high fashion model. 

Anyways, leaving the drama behind, yesterday was makeovers tyovers day and there were many drastic changes. My favorite ones were Lenox’s black long hair, Romeo’s ice blonde hair and grey contacts and Ben’s short hair. The worst makeovers in my opinion were Kari’s blonde weave, I understand why she was so upset, Denzel’s fake beard and Shay’s half blonde half black hair, I’m very angry at Tyra for not mentioning Mónica Naranjo as the inspiration for this makeover, she’s a Spanish singer that wore that hairstyle in the 90’s and made it very famous.

I didn’t like that the photoshoot was before the makeovers, but it was a very curious shoot and I liked some of the pictures a lot! I love optical illusions and the final results were really awesome in some cases. I was shocked with the elimination because I didn’t expect that person to go home so soon, but who knows, maybe he or she will come back.

My favorite photo was also the judges and social media favorite. I think Ben was great in this shoot and his picture is really magical and full of energy, I love it!!

Ben - Episode 4

My second favorite picture has to be Lenox, she looks great and her photo is full of energy too, her face is stunning and like Kelly said, she looks like a doll but in a ver good and fashion way.

Lenox - Episode 4

And last, but not least my third call out goes to Matthew. His picture also involves a lot of movement that helps to create that optical illusion that the shoot was about, I really like it!

Matthew - Episode 4

So, who were your favorite contestants this week? Who do you want to win or go home? Let me know in the comments!!

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