ANTM – Cycle 21 – The Girl Who’s A Player Recap

ANTM - Cycle 21 - Ep3

I had so many doubts with this cycle of America’s Next Top Model, but I’m loving it so far. I think Tyra did a really good job this time with casting, though I think Adam shouldn’t be in the competition. He doesn’t look like a model, he isn’t even hot and his personality really sucks.

Anyways, yesterday was the first episode of the real competition with the final 14 in the house. First they did a runway show as a challenge, it wasn’t very good, but it wasn’t bad either, I guess it was ok for the third episode. Keith won the challenge and I have to say I thought he was the best too. 

The photoshoot was really good, I love everything that has to do with water and I really enjoyed it. They also showed us the filming for the opening credits for the first time and that was really cool. We even got to see Tyra working it out. I seriously love that she hired Yu Tsai as the creative assistant, he’s awesome!!

Keith also had the highest score in the shoot, but I have to disagree with the judges this time. In my opinion Lenox had the best picture, not because she’s my favorite, I think she really delivered a great picture, she had the second highest score.

Lenox - Episode 3

My second favorite was Mirjana. I agree with Tyra and the judges that the shot was too sexy and provocative, but she looks gorgeous and I really loved the final photo.

Mirjana - Episode 3

Finally, my third favorite picture was from Romeo. I’m kind of scared of him though, first I liked that he was into witvhcraft, but now I’m really scared, haha. The two people he has put a spell on has gone home!! His picture was great though, I love that he’s giving all his masculinity and femininity at the same time, it really is a good shot.

Romeo - Episode 3

So, who were your favorites in this episode? Who do you want to go home? Let me know in the comments!!

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