ANTM – Cycle 21 – The Boy Who Gets a Second Chance Recap

ANTM - Cycle 21 Ep 02

Last night we finally met the final 14 from America’s Next Top Model cycle 21. I’m really happy with many of the finalists, my favorite girl Lenox made the cut and my favorite boy Ben did it too, I’m also glad that Danny didn’t make it, thanks Tyra Banks for leaving him behind. However I’m very sad they let go of Jamie Rae and L’Meese.

On the other hand I think this cycle will be awesome thanks to Yu Tsai. The legendary fashion photographer is the new creative director of the show’s photoshoots, goodbye Johnny Wujek. I still want a girl to win and hopefully it’ll be Lenox or Kari, who I love too, but I also like Mirjana and Ivy, she really stood out in the group shot. As for the boys I like Ben and Keith, but I can’t stand Adam, please get rid of him in the next week!! 

Let’s see what happens next! Can’t wait to see the new house and of course, the drama, haha. Now that Danny is out who’s Romeo gonna confront next? 

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