Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

Guardians Of The Galaxy

I just came back from the cinema. I finally went to see Marvel‘s Guardians Of The Galaxy and I have to say that I’m a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was good, but I was told it was way better than Avengers and I’m sorry but it isn’t. This movie isn’t by far in my Top 5 Marvel movies, not even counting the Marvel Cinematic Universe only.

Again, it’s a good entertaining movie and it’s very funny too, but there’re moments that the jokes are too forced (I don’t know if this expression exists in English, but I’m going to use it anyway, haha) and sometimes the characters are a little predictable. 

The best thing of the movie and that’s what gains a lot of points is the music. The soundtrack is amazing and I love how they introduced the music to the movie. It was really good, I loved the importance they gave to it.

I also liked the actors, Chris Pratt was awesome and Zoe Saldana too, she’s beautiful even with green skin. I can’t judge Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper‘s performances because they gave only their voice to their characters and I watched in Spanish, but I bet they were great too! Oh, and I was very surprised to see Glenn Close, I didn’t know she was part of the movie, I love her!!

Visually the movie was amazing, I loved all the settings and the effects, but still I was expecting much more from the movie.

My Rating: 70 (+10 because of the soundtrack) = 80/100

7 thoughts on “Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

    • I liked Captain America 2 more, but this one was good too. It’s just that everyone told me it was awesome and even better than Avengers and I think I had my hopes too high, haha.

      I haven’t seen Planet Of The Apes because I watched the previous one when it came out and I didn’t like it much. And in this one we don’t even have James Franco to make things better, hahaha!

      • hahah, James Franco always makes everything better. I didn’t like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes either but this one was way better.

      • Everything but Spring Breakers. That movie couldn’t be good even with him. I don’t know what crossed his mind to take that role, haha.

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