Top 10 Red Carpet Looks – Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

One of my favorite fashion icons is Keira Knightley, I don’t know why I haven’t done this post yet, but now her new movie Begin Again is a hit I think is the right time to do it! I’ve loved her since I saw her in one of her first movies Bend It Like Beckham and I think her style has evolved really well since then.

At every awards ceremony, gala or premiere she’s always one of my favorite picks and she’s worn some of the most beautiful gowns ever made. So here’re my Top 10 Keira’s red carpet moments. 

Keira Knightley - Pride & Prejudice NY premire

10. Calvin Kelin – Pride & Prejudice New York premiere (2005)

This is not one of her best looks, but I included it in the list because it’s one of her most iconic ones. That’s the look she has in Madam Tussaud’s museum in London and it was one of her first remarkable fashion choices. I think it’s a great look for a young actress like her and maybe today isn’t that impressive, but in 2005 it sure was a great look!

Keira Knightley - LA Film Festival

9. Valentino – Los Angeles Film Festival (2012)

I love everything about this look! The Valentino dress is stunning and the hair with the flower crown is flawless. She looks like a gorgeous nymph, I just love it! I love that she didn’t put a lot of makeup on because it increases that earthy natural look she’s going for with this look.

Keira Knightley - Anna Karenina Screening

8. Valentino – Anna Karenina screening in New York (2012)

Another Valentino gown that fits her perfectly. I really like lace dresses and this one is gorgeous. She looked stunning and the red lips are the best accessory she could’ve picked. I love the whole look, it’s just flawless.

Keira Knightley - The Duchess Screening

7. Chanel – The Duchess screening in New York (2008)

This is one of the most iconic pieces she’s worn, at least in my opinion. It’s like this Chanel minidress was made only for her. It matches her style perfectly and she looks stunning. I love it because its simplicity, but then the details of the belt and in the shoulders add so much to it. I just love it!!

Keira Knightley - Oscars

6. Vera Wang – Academy Awards (2006)

Back in 2006 and for a long time I loved this dress a lot. Now I see it and it’s not that great. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it as much as I did. However it’s one of her most iconic looks and the only time she’s been nominated for an Oscar, so this adds a lot of important to this Vera Wang gown. I really liked the necklace too back in the day and I think that’s what make this whole look special.

Keira Knightley  - A Dangerous Method Premiere

5. Burberry – A Dangerous Method UK premiere (2012)

Like I always say, simplicity is the best thing you can do to win me. That’s what I love about this Burberry dress. It’s so simple that I just love it. The sleeves and the neckline are gorgeous and the color of the dress is stunning and looks really nice on her. The belt, the clutch and the ring all in black are amazing and match the dress perfectly, I just love the whole look!!

Keira Knightley - Atonement premiere

4. Rodarte – Atonement London premiere (2007)

I love Greek Goddess like dresses and this one is stunning. I love the design and the flowers in the hip and the shoulder. She looks great and the diamond tiara is very beautiful. Everything about the look reminds me of the ancient Greeks even the hair gives me that vibe. I love it!!

Keira Knightley - A Dangerous Method premiere

3. Erdem – Anna Karenina LA premiere (2012)

This is just flawless! I love this dress. The color, the details, the fit… everything is perfect! Like I said before, Keira’s style has evolved a lot since she started her career and this dress is something only her could wear and look so amazing with it, it’s just gorgeous!

Keira Knightley - Anna Karenina premiere

2. Elie Saab – Anna Karenina premiere in Toronto (2012)

Like I said, I love lace dresses and though the Valentino one was amazing, this Elie Saab one is even better. The details and the form of the neckline are amazing and I love the sparkly touch the gown has. The belt she chose is just perfect, simple and not too distracting, I love it. She just looks amazing!!

Keira Knightley - Venice Film Festival

1. Valentino – Venice Film Festival (2011)

And my favorite look has to be this Valentino princess like dress. As you may already know I love princesses, not only the Disney ones, and with this gorgeous gown she looks like one. I don’t know what to say it’s just and amazing dress and she looks flawless in it. Her face, her hair and this dress is just a perfect combination, I’m absolutely in love with it!!

Do you like Keira’s style? I absolutely love it!! What are your favorite red carpet moments she’s had? Let me know in the comments

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