ANTM – Cycle 21 – The Boys R Back Recap

antm cycle 21 ep1

America’s Next Top Model has finally returned!!! Cycle 21 premiered yesterday on The CW and for now I’m all in!! The guys are back and they’re so much better than the guys from las season. However, I think this should be a girls only competition like it used to be.

I already have my favorite and she’s Lenox. She’s my ANTM prototype, the shy awkward but very very beautiful girl who thinks she’s not good enough. And she has a very sad background story so I like her even more. Yes, I’m that kind of viewer, haha. I also liked Kari and Jaime Rae. Jaime Rae’s personality is not very good, but she reminds me a lot to Denise Richards so I like her very much, haha.

As for the guys, I like Ben, he’s very good looking, but in the casting room I didn’t like him much. My favorite guy is Keith, he’s got the look, the body, the personality, everything! I still want a girl to win though.

I love that Miss J. Alexander is back, thank god Tyra Banks got rid of Rob Evans, I didn’t like him at all. I love that Kelly Cutrone is still there, because she adds the toughness the panel needs.

I don’t know what will happen next but I hope these people I mentioned continue and, please Tyra, eliminate Adam and Danny in the next round. I can’t stand them!!

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