First Contact with The Sims 4

Rihanna - Sims 4

Yesterday I came back home from a little vacation and I was finally able to download The Sims 4 demo. You can download it for free with Origin. With this demo you can experience the create a Sim tool, which is the most expected change in the game.

I created some random Sims experimenting with the tool, which I find really awesome compered to the sliders from the past Sims, and then tried to create Rihanna because all of the hairstyles the game features reminded me of her. She may not look exactly like her, but I think I did a good job.

The hairstyles are awesome both for male and female Sims. In the Sims 3 all men hairstyles were horrible. I like that the Sims look more cartoony, but what I didn’t like much are the clothes. I hope they include more in the actual game or in the expansions. 

It was difficult to choose good outfits that match Rihanna’s style, but I think I end up choosing well. Here’re some screen captions from the demo with the outfits and hairstyles I chose.

rihanna sims 2 rihanna sims 3 rihanna sims 4 rihanna sims 5

What do you think about my RiRi Sim? Does she look like her? I had a lot of fun creating her and I can’t wait to play the actual game and check out all the new features from the build mode. The only thing I’m really furious about is that they have removed the swimming pools!!!! How and why could they do that?? Anyways, I’m really excited for the game to come September 4th!!

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