Game Of Thrones – Season 3 Review

Daenerys Targaryen - GOT S3

OMG! I just finished watching season 3 of Game Of Thrones and I’m SHOCKED!! This season was crazy, it’s my favorite for now and I can’t even think what to say about it, I’m just speechless.

This season was amazing, but I think they should play more with the shock factor, I mean, of course it’s shocking, but they should’ve left the Red Wedding moment for the season finale and not put it in episode 9. After that I could barely pay attention to the final episode because I couldn’t even think.

Every season has ended with a good finale but has had the shock factor in previous episodes, I just think they should use them at the end of each season to leave people wanting more and wondering what’s going to happen next.

Anyway, that’s only little thing I think they could improve, but the show is really really good. In this season I started to like some of the characters I hated the most like Jaime or Cersei but I still love Daenerys above everyone else. She needs more relevance. I can’t wait for her to recruit her army and take back the Iron Throne.

I don’t know what else to say because I’m still processing the events form episode 9 and I can’t even remember what else happened in this season. I just know I loved it from the beginning to the end and it’s the one that I enjoyed the most!

5 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones – Season 3 Review

  1. Rewatch the last episode. you know you want to.
    If they ended on such a down note as the Red Wedding, people would be understandably upset.
    Ep 10 is for tying up loose ends, and setting the stage for next season

    • I already watched it again, haha. I know that episode 10 is necessary and it makes the show different form all the others that always end with a cliffhanger, but I just love the tension to see what’s gonna happen next.

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