Begin Again (Movie) Review

Begin Again

I went to watch Begin Again today to the cinema and I have to say I’m really surprised. I wanted to see it since I saw the trailer a few weeks ago and Keira Knightley is always a good excuse to watch a movie, but I have to say I loved it more than I thought.

The movie was really really good. The beginning was a little confusing because they mixed some future and past scenes, but when it starts to take form it’s very impressive. Everyone was great, Keira, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine. I even liked Hailee Steinfeld, I’ve never been a big fan of her, and I loved Cathernie Keener, I was very happy to see she was on the movie.

The movie soundtrack was amazing, seriously, I loved all the songs both Keira and Adam recorded for their albums and the idea behind Keira’s album is fascinating. I hope someone does something similar soon, I really loved it!

I also loved Keira’s wardrobe during the whole movie, it was very similar to her regular street style so I bet she was involved in the fashion department.

I think it’s one of the best romantic comedies I’ve seen lately, well it’s not a romantic comedy and it’s not a comedy to laugh all the time, I don’t know what genre does the movie fit in, but I really loved it and recommend everybody to go see it!!

My Rating: 90/100

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