Game Of Thrones – Season 2 Review

Daenerys Targaryen - GOT S2

I just finished season 2 of Game Of Thrones and though I watched faster than the first one I have to say it was a little more boring, just a little. Still it was amazing! I think the reason why it got a little boring is that nothing really happened. I mean, of course things happened and some of them were really shocking, but nothing happened at a long distance.

The seven kingdoms are at war and that’s all, but what a great war!! The final battle at King’s Landing was awesome!! I loved the wildfire explosions and I was shocked when I thought Tyrion was dead, fortunately he wasn’t!!

I liked this season because it made me love my favorite characters, Daenerys and Arya even more and it introduced many great characters like Shae or Talisa and I grew to love some of the old characters I didn’t like much like Sansa, Bronn or Sam.

As for the Lannisters I still hate all of them, except Tyrion of course, but I don’t know who I dislike the most, them or Theon!! What a traitor!!

The thing I didn’t like about this season is that Daenerys has very small scenes and her story lies in a second ground, she needs more importance!!

Anyways, I’m obsessed with the show and I can’t wait to start season 3!!!! The final scene with the White Walkers assure us something big is coming!!

Btw, check out my season 1 review here.

4 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones – Season 2 Review

  1. I really enjoyed Season Two, mainly because we started following characters who were not quite Good or Evil.

    I really enjoyed the introduction of Stannis, who should be the king on paper, but he’s caught up in all that bad magic, but he’s got Ser Davos working for him, and Davos is awesome.

    But they want Tyrion dead, so that’s not good. But we want Joffrey dead. It was a very complicated viewing.

    And Theon’s painful choice of duty to family over friendship to Robb… (Maester Aemon up at the Wall did tell Jon that love was often the death of duty… so Theon made a choice Aemon understands.) Theon made for really compelling watching.

    • For me Theon was the worst. We already knew all the Lannisters are horrible people, but what Theon did was awful.

      I don’t understand how can he choose his father when he abandoned him when he was just a kid and betray the Starks when they treated him like their own son.

      • I not really a Theon defender, it pained me that he sided with Balon, but he chose his father over the Starks who treated him like a son, because Balon was actually his father, and the Starks were not his family.

        I don’t think it’s fair to say Balon abandoned Theon, Balon had no choice when King Robert took Theon as a hostage and gave him to the Starks as a prisoner, to make sure Balon behaved.

        Theon is still the worst, though.

      • I guess you’re right, but Balon didn’t even tried to rescue him, but like you said, still he’s the worst, haha.

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