Top 10 Comics that need a Movie + Actors who should star in them

Soulfire - Michael Turner

There are lots of great comic books that haven’t been adapted into movies yet that I would really like to see in the big screen. Now the superheroes are the biggest Hollywood money makers, but there’re a bunch of indie comics that are awesome too and of course some superheroes that haven’t been on screen yet.

I love strong, powerful and fearless women, those are my favorite characters and I love when they are leading characters in comic books. I also love when superheroes are funny and have a good personality like Spider-Man

So, for this list I included some of my favorite comics that I think would make great movies. I chose some villains, heroines, antiheroes and superheroes. And here they are!!


10. Chobits

Published by: Kodansha

Creator: CLAMP

Ideal cast: Amanda Seyfried (Chii) – Adam Brody (Hideki)

This is the only Manga I’ve ever read. I’ve seen lots of Anime, including Chobits, but the only Manga I’ve read is this one. I know you wouldn’t expect a Manga to be on this list, but I loved it and the concept is pretty cool. I think they can come up with something brilliant in a movie adaptation.

Amanda Seyfried - Chii

I’d change the name of the characters, everyone except Chii, so they can use american actors. I think Amanda Seyfried would be perfect to play Chii, she’s got big eyes and a doll face that can look like a persocom.

Adam Brody - Hideki

As for Hideki (or the american name they put him) I think Adam Brody would be great. Hideki’s personality reminds me a little of Seth Cohen and that’s why I thought of him.

Supergirl - Michael Turner

9. Supergirl

Published by: DC Comics

Creators: Otto Binder/Curt Swan

Ideal cast: Ashley Benson/Teresa Palmer (Supergirl)

One of my favorite characters form the DC Universe is Supergirl. I really like her story, especially the remake Michael Turner did in the Superman/Batman series. I think a movie following that storyline would be great. There’s already an animated one, but they could make a live-action one and include all the actors from the DC Universe they’re trying to create with the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Ashley Benson - Teresa Palmer - Supergirl

There’re two actresses that really look the part and they are Teresa Palmer and Ashley Benson. Ashley hasn’t proofed good acting skills yet, Pretty Little Liars and Spring Breakers are awful ways to show your potential, but I think she can do it. As for Teresa, she’d be great too!

Red Sonja

8. Red Sonja 

Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Creators: Robert E. Howard/Roy Thomas/Barry Windsor-Smith

Ideal cast: Jessica Biel/Milla Jovovich (Red Sonja)

I haven’t read much about Red Sonja, but one thing is clear, she’s a badass!! A few years ago Robert Rodriguez was working on a movie adaptation with Rose McGowan as the she-devil, but it was never finished. I don’t know if it was before or after Rose’s car accident and plastic surgery disaster, but I think I read the movie was cancelled because they split.

Jessica Biel - Milla Jovovich - Red Sonja

I think Rose was an awesome choice then, but now I think someone like Jessica Biel or Milla Jovovich would be great. they both have demonstrated they can kick ass and they can be badass, so these are my choices to portray her.


7. Deadpool  

Published by: Marvel

Creators: Fabian Nicieza/ob Liefeld

Ideal cast: Dave Franco (Deadpool)

I love Deadpool because he’s not a hero, but he’s not a villain either. He’s an anti-hero and I love that! I haven’t read much about him either, so I’d love to know his story and I think a movie would be a great platform to show it. I’ve only read a few comics with him, Civil War and some other Marvel events, but I love him. He’s so funny and sarcastic, he’s awesome!

Dave Franco - Deadpool

He always wears the mask because his face is disfigured, but if hey show his story and how he became Deadpool we’d be able to see the face of the actor who plays him a little more and I think Dave Franco would be perfect for the role! He’s one of my favorite young actors right now and he’s very funny. I think he’d be a great choice!

Harley Quinn - Arkham City

6. Harley Quinn 

Published by: DC Comics

Creators: Paul Dinni/Bruce Tim

Ideal cast: Britney Spears (Harley Quinn) – Crispin Glover (The Joker)

I don’t know why Harley Quinn hasn’t been included in any of the Batman movies. I think she’s one of the most iconic villains and a fan favorite for sure! I didn’t really like her at first, but that was just because I hated her outfit. When they changed her outfit in the Arkham City game I fell in love immediately and then I learned her story and I found it fascinating.

I think they should make a movie about how she fell in love with The Joker and started to get crazy until she became the sociopath she is. Seriously, the relationship between them is fascinating to me and I’d love to see it in a movie.

Britney Spears - Harley Quinn

As for who should play them I think Brittany Murphy would’ve been amazing, but unfortunately she’s gone (R.I.P.). Don’t kill me for saying this, but I think Britney Spears would be an incredibly amazing Harley. Everybody know she’s a little cucu like Harley is and she’s proofed herself to be very funny, just watch her guest roles in Will & Grace and HIMYM. Seriously, I think she’d be really good and she might surprise everyone!!

Crispin Glover - The Joker

As for The Joker, I think it’s impossible to find anyone who does a rendition of the character as good as Heath Ledger did (R.I.P.), but if I had to say someone I’d say Crispin Glover would be a good Joker!


5. Soulfire

Published by: Aspen Comics

Creator: Michael Turner

Ideal cast: Jaime King (Grace) – Josh Hutcherson (Malikai)

One of my favorite comics ever is Soulfire. Not only because Michael Turner created it, but because it’s just awesome. I love epic magic stories and this one has everything to make an amazing movie. All the characters are amazing and in good hands it has so much potential!!

Jaime King - Grace

As for the actors I’d love to see Jaime King as Grace. I love her and if you see some of her movies you’d see she’d be perfect for the role. She’s gorgeous and she’s badass (Sin City anyone?) and she’d look great with Grace’s wings!!

Josh Hutcherson - Malikai

I don’t know many young actors that are under 20 years old, but I think Josh Hutcherson would be good to play Malikai, he’s short, so he still can look like a teenager, haha.

Danger Girl

4. Danger Girl 

Published by: Cliffhanger

Creator: J. Scott Campbell

Ideal cast: Amber Heard (Abbey Chase) – Megan Fox (Sydney Savage) – Doutzen Kroes (Natalia Kassle) – Matt Bomer (Johnny Barracuda) – Sean Connery (Deuce)

I love this comic! I love it because J. Scott Campbell came up with the perfect mix between James Bond and Charlie’s Angels. I think a movie adaptation would be amazing and it would capture the attention from many different kinds of viewers.

Choosing the cast was pretty difficult in this one. I read that they were making a movie with Kate Beckinsale, Sofía Vergara and Milla Jovovich, I love the three of them, but they are older than the characters and they don’t even look the part, so I chose completely different actresses.

Amber Heard - Abbey Chase Megan Fox - Sydney Savage Doutzen Kroes - Natalia Kassle

Amber Heard would be perfect as Abbey, Megan Fox as Sydney and Doutzen Kroes as Natalia. I don’t know if Doutzen can act, but she looks the part and she’s one of the most beautiful European models in the world.

Matt Bommer - Johnny Barracuda Sean Connery - Deuce

As for the guys, Matt Bomer would be perfect to play Johnny, he’s one of the most handsome men in the world and I think Sean Connery should play Deuce because he was the inspiration for the comic character.


3. Witchblade 

Published by: Top Cow

Creators: Marc Silvestri/Michael Turner/Christina Z/David Wohl/Brian Haberlin

Ideal cast: Emilia Clarke/Olivia Wilde (Sara Pezzini) – Stephen Amell/Chris Hemsworth (Jake McCarthy) – Joe Manganiello (Kenneth Irons) – Jason Momoa (Ian Nottingham)

They should’ve done this movie a very long time ago. If they had done the movie in the late 90’s when the comics came out for the first time Denise Richards would’ve been the best Sara Pezzini ever, but now she’s too old for the role.

Instead of a movie it got a TV show, but it wasn’t very successful, I tried to watch the first episode once, but I didn’t like it. The actress was good though, she looked a little like Angelina Jolie and she was badass. Angelina would’ve been a great Sara too.

Emilia Clarke - Olivia Wilde - Sara Pezzini

Now the actresses that come to my mind are Olivia Wilde and Emilia Clarke. I’d love to see any of those two carrying the Witchblade, especially Emilia. I think Stephen Amell and Chris Hemsworth both would be good as Jake and Joe Manganiello would be perfect as Kenneth Irons. As for Ian Nottingham I think Jason Momoa would be awesome!

Chris Hemsworth - Stephen Amell - Jake Joe Mangianello - Kenneth Irons Jason Momoa- Ian Nottingham

Wonder Woman

2. Wonder Woman 

Published by: DC Comics

Creator: William Moulton Marston

Ideal cast: Megan Fox (Wonder Woman)

Why the hell hasn’t this happened yet? Seriously I don’t understand. Why did they do Green Lantern, one of the worst superhero movies ever, and not a Wonder Woman movie?

She’s one of my favorite Characters from the DC Universe, if not my favorite one and I can’t believe she doesn’t have her own movie yet. I think an origins movie, similar to the animated one would be great. Many people don’t really know her story, so it would be amazing to see how she becomes Wonder Woman on the big screen.

Megan Fox - Wonder Woman

I still can’t say I don’t like the actress they chose for the Batman v. Superman movie because I won’t judge her acting until I see the movie, but I think Megan Fox looks much more like WW and would be a great Diana.


1. Fathom 

Published by: Top Cow/Aspen Comics

Creator: Michael Turner

Ideal cast: Megan Fox (Aspen Matthews) – Zac Efron (Chance Calloway) – Jason Momoa (Cannon Hawke) – Tom Hardy (Killian)

Fathom is my favorite comic book ever!! I did like all the volumes I’ve read, but the first one, the one that Michael Turner created by himself is a real masterpiece. I love the story, all the characters, the amazing art by Michael, the setting, everything!!

Megan Fox - Aspen Matthews

It’s been years since I first heard they were planning a movie starring Megan Fox as Aspen. Listen to me now, she’s the one and only actress who can play Aspen Matthews. She was friends with Michael Turner and a big fan of the series, she’s the only one who already knows what the story is about and truly comprehends Aspen. Michael Turner said that if a movie was going to be made someday, Megan had to play Aspen. So please respect his decision, she’s the only Aspen in my head and there cannot be another one!!!

Zac Efron - Chance Calloway

As for the rest of the actors, Zac Efron would be a great Chance, Jason Momoa, again, would be great as Cannon and Tom Hardy was the only one I could think of to play Killian.

Jason Momoa - Cannon Hawke

Tom Hardy - Killian

So, what comics would you love to see made into a movie? And what actors do you think be be the perfect choice to star in them? Let me know in the comments!!

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