Top 10 The OC Music Moments [pt. 2]

One of my first posts was a list with my favorite music moments from The OC. I felt like there were many many more great moments than 10 and I promised I was going to do another list. It’s been a long time since that first post and I hadn’t done the part 2 yet, but this is a special post. This is my number 100 post!!!

So I decided it was the right time to do this. To celebrate my 100 posts and my favorite TV show of all time. Here are another Top 10 music moments from The OC. (Check out part 1 here!)

10. Love You Till The End – The Pogues (S04E04)

Season four was the worst season for me. Recovering from Marissa’s death was easier than I thought and I started to like Taylor, but still I didn’t like her and Ryan together. I like this moment because of what happens with Seth and Summer, despite the difficulties they’re having they still love each other. I love the moment Julie and Kaitlin share too!

9. Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch (S01E11)

Ryan and Marissa go to Chino to help his brother Trey who’s having trouble in prison. Ryan is sick of helping him out and at the end of the episode he and Marissa say goodbye to Trey and go back to Newport to find Seth alone in his room. I loved this scene not only because it’s sad, the whole situation with Ryan and Trey I mean, but because it shows how the friendship of the “Fantastic 4” starts to build. Summer’s not in the scene, but this is one of the first times Seth and Marissa behave with each other like friends.

8. Insomnia – Electric President (S03E13)

I love this moment because everything seems to be falling apart for everyone. Ryan and Marissa are fighting, Kaitlin is back and she’s not the little girl she was when she left, Seth is jealous of Summer’s intelligence and Sandy is betraying his ethics with his new job at the Newport Group. The music that completes this scene is great and I love how it fuses all these feeling together. It’s perfect to end the episode!

7. Rain City – Turin Brakes (S01E03)

This is one of the saddest, but yet happiest moments in season 1. Ryan’s mother decides that he deserves something better than her and leaves “forever” (she comes back in another season) and Kirsten finally accepts that Ryan needs their help and she welcomes him to the family.

6. Move On – Jet (S01E12)

This was the moment I started to like Luke. In this scene he has to face what everyone at Harbor are gonna say about his father, in this episode we discover he’s gay, and Ryan, Marissa and Seth try to comfort him and tell him everything’s gonna be alright. Here Seth is so funny like he always is and what they all say is very true, everybody’s gonna talk about something only for two minutes until something new comes out or they get bored of it.

5. Fix You – Coldplay (S02E23)

This has always been my favorite Coldplay song and I think it’s because of this moment from The OC. Everything seems to be right with the world Seth & Summer and Ryan & Marissa seem to be all good, but then something terrible happens. Caleb’s death comes and I love this moment because you get to see that Julie really loved him. It might have not been true love, but she did have feelings for him.

4. Maybe I’m Amazed – Jem (S01E27)

This is one of the saddest Ryan and Marissa moments. I have this song on my iPod and it’s this exact version with the dialogs and everything and I feel so sad every time I listen to it. I love the song because it describes exactly what Marissa is feeling in that moment and she really needs Ryan but he’s going back to Chino and she’ll be alone.

3. Forever Young – Youth Group (S03E03)

I love this moment because it shows Ryan and Marissa being happy after a long time of trouble, sadly this didn’t last long. I love the song and the beginning of the scene is really funny, imagine to have that song as your song with your boyfriend/girlfriend, haha. Btw, I love Marissa’s dress in this scene!!

2. For The Windows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti РSufjan Stevens (S03E15)

This is a very sad scene because it was Johnny’s funeral, but I was so glad he was finally gone. Unfortunately this didn’t mean Ryan and Marissa were going to be happy forever, Johnny’s cousin Sadie comes and Ryan falls in love with her leaving Marissa alone with her grieving. This moment is really beautiful, the song is amazing, one of my favorites on the show and the funeral on the beach is really moving.

1. Caught By The River – Doves (S01E02)

This is one of my favorite songs from The OC Mix 1, the first out of five soundtrack albums that were released. I love this moment because it’s one of the first times Marissa and Ryan share a moment of happiness together and Seth seems to be enjoying it too. I love this type of songs and they are the ones that make this show so perfect!!

Do you like these music moments? What are your favorites? Remember to check out the part one list, probably your favorite moments are there!!

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