Game Of Thrones – Season 1 Review

Daenerys Targaryen - GOT

I’ve been refusing to watch Game Of Thrones for a long time. I hate when movies, shows or anything get too popular and nobody talks about anything else, plus I thought it was going to be something similar to The Lord Of The Rings and movies like that, so I didn’t want to see it despite everybody telling me to do so.

Earlier this week I was bored and I didn’t know what movie to watch and I had already seen all the shows I was following, so I decided to give it a try. Thank God I did it!! I fell in love with the series in the first episode.

Another reason I didn’t want to watch it was that many people told me that it was hard to follow because it had too many characters and too many names to remember all. One friend even told me that I had to watch the show with a list of characters and kingdoms in front of me. I don’t think that’s necessary. It’s true sometimes I get lost with all the names and I haven’t learned them all yet, but it’s not that hard to follow.

The thing I like the most about the show is that it’s so unpredictable! Like they killed who I thought was the biggest main character and I’ve been told there’re more unexpected deaths to come, I like that! I also love that I hate some of the characters so much, especially all the Lannisters, except Tyron, that my blood boils in my veins every time they’re on screen, but then I can’t help but adore and idolize Daenerys. She’s my favorite character for sure, one of my favorite characters of all the shows I’ve seen in my life. Seriously, I’m in love. I think Emilia Clarke does and awesome job portraying her. She’s amazing!!

I’m not going to say much more about the show because I don’t want to give possible spoilers and if you’ve watched it, you’ll already know what happens. So, I’m just gonna say that if you’re like me and refuse to watch it, don’t be a fool and start right now!!! You’re not going to regret it.

My Rating: 100/100

3 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones – Season 1 Review

  1. I’m glad you gave the show a shot. I see a lot of blog posts similar to yours, where people try to avoid things that are wildly popular. I’m glad things worked out, and you could enjoy the show.

    Thumbs up on not being put off or lost by all the characters, despite the warning that you’d need a list of names. Over time, you’ll get who everyone is.

    Tyrion Lannister is the best.

    • The show is amazing, I already started season 2 and is awesome too. I can’t wait to watch all the seasons and then the new one in the fall.

      Thanks for your comment!!

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