Part Of Your World


Hey guys! A few days ago I uploaded the first of a series of Disney Princesses inspired illustrations I’m working on, check it out here! Today I’m uploading the second illustration of the series and it’s about Ariel.

The series consists in portraits of the princesses with my touch and style with some of the lyrics from one of the songs each sing in their movies. Check out the full Ariel illustration below!

Part Of Your World - Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

I used a 0.5 propeller pencil for the line art, Copic Markers for the color and then edited and added the lyrics on Photoshop.

Again I’d really appreciate your comments, because I’m trying to share my art with the world and hope to get as much people to see it as possible.

Thanks for reading and hope you like my illustrations!

Btw, check out my brand new Facebook page to check out some of my other works!

Thanks again!!

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