My America’s Next Top Model Favorite Contestants

ANTM Cycle 21

It’s only 21 days until the premiere of America’s Next Top Model next cycle! I don’t know what to expect from it, I didn’t like the guys in the last cycle so I don’t know if this one is gonna be good.

On the other hand I read that Rob Evans is leaving the show and Jay Alexander is coming back!!! Thank God!! I really didn’t like Rob as a judge, his critiques were very stupid and sometimes very sexist and homophobic. I love that Miss Jay is coming back and Kelly Cutrone is still on the panel too.

Anyway, I’ll be watching just because I love the show and I love watching the photoshoots and challenges the contestants have to do, especially the go-sees!! I hope Tyra Banks has come up with some good ideas for this cycle!!

My thing with this show is that my favorite girls always end up on the second or third place and they never win!!! Well, my favorite did win in three cycles. Nicole Fox (cycle 13), Sophie Sumner (cycle 18) and Jourdan Miller (cycle 20), but three out of 20 cycles is just not fair!! (haha)

So, instead of doing a regular Top 10 list with my favorite contestants I’m gonna do a list with my favorite girl from each cycle, from cycle 1 to cycle 20.

Elyse Sewell

Cycle 1 – Elyse Sewell (Third Place)

She had the most edgy look out of the contestants and she’s one of the smartest girls to ever be in this competition, maybe the only one. I like that she was never afraid to say what was on her mind and that incredible rant she went on against the other contestants was amazing!! (haha)

Shandi Sullivan

Cycle 2 – Shandi Sullivan (Third Place)

Ok, she might have not been the most beautiful of the contestants, but she was an odd beauty and that was what I liked about her. I also liked that she was weird and she was the most spectacular makeover from all of the girls. I felt very sorry for her when she cheated on her boyfriend with that Italian model, we all are humans and make mistakes and she had never been in a situation like that before and didn’t know what to do. I really liked her and Tyra did too.

Btw, she’s the blonde one in the picture!

Amanda Swafford

Cycle 3 – Amanda Swafford (Third Place)

This was one of my least favorite cycles and I didn’t really had a favorite contestant here, but if I had to choose one I think It would be Amanda. Her personality was kind of boring and sometimes she played too much the victim with her blindness, but she was very beautiful and I liked all her photos.

Kahlen Rondot

Cycle 4 – Kahlen Rondot (Runner-Up)

This was one of my favorite cycles, especially because of that episode when Tyra went crazy and yelled at Tiffany. It was so funny!! Kahlen is one of my favorite contestants ever and I can’t believe she didn’t win. She was amazing and her pictures were the best. She also did surprise everyone in the final runway show and she’s had one of the saddest moments in ANTM history. When her friend died it was devastating, I really felt for her and the picture of that episode showing all her emotion was phenomenal.

Btw, am I the only one who thinks she looks like Carmen Kass? The photo is not from the show, but I couldn’t find one with good quality.

Nik Pace

Cycle 5 – Nik Pace (Runner-Up)

She’s truly one of the most beautiful girl to ever be on the show. Everybody was so shocked when she lost to Nicole. I liked Nicole too, but Nik was seriously gorgeous. Her face was flawless and I loved her both with straight and curly hair. I didn’t like much this cycle either, it was a little boring and I couldn’t stand Lisa, but Nik was amazing.

Joanie Dodds

Cycle 6 – Joanie Dodds (Runner-Up)

I loved Joanie even with her old tooth! She was my favorite contestant of this cycle because the others were too boring for me, well, Jade was funny, but she was just Jade, it was obvious she wasn’t going to win and that they kept her until the end to spice up the show. Anyway, Joanie was gorgeous and I liked all of her pictures, especially this one, she looks so beautiful!

Michelle Babin

Cycle 7 – Michelle Babin (Fifth Place)

This is one of the most controversial and shocking pictures of ANTM history. I loved both of the twins, but it was clear Michelle was a more natural model. Her pictures were always amazing, but I understand why Tyra let her go so early in the competition. She didn’t want to be a model as much as her sister and though she was better than her and any other girl of the cycle it is very important for Tyra that the girls have passion. Like Tyra said I always thought the finale was going to be between both of the sisters but after Michelle left Amanda lost all her confidence and went home right after her sister.

Renee Alway

Cycle 8 – Renee Alway (Third Place)

This one was another boring cycle, the only thing I recall from it is the crazy aboriginal dance Natalia did when they were in Australia. Oh! And when Jael was pushed to the pull by 50 Cent, that was funny! Anyway, Renee was the most beautiful girl on that cycle.

Jenah Doucette

Cycle 9 – Jenah Doucette (Third Place)

I think Jenah is in my Top 5 favorite ATNM contestants ever! She’s sure one of the most beautiful ones and I loved her personality. She was sarcastic and very funny, but the judges always critiqued her for that, I really never understood that! I love her and her pictures were always amazing. I liked Chantal too, I don’t understand how Saleisha won over them…

Anya Kop

Cycle 10 – Anya Kop (Runner-Up)

I like that finally a plus-size model won a cycle, but I didn’t like Whitney’s personality and Anya was much better than her in all the shoots. She’s one of the few girls that looked like a fashion model that you’d see in magazines and I just love her Russian-Hawaiian origins, what an awesome mix right?? I also loved her personality, she was very cute and again, her photos were always amazing!

Analeigh Tipton

Cycle 11 – Analeigh Tipton (Third Place)

I loved Analeigh!!! She’s one of my favorite ANTM girls ever and she’s starting to build her acting career and already has some great titles in her filmography. She was beautiful and though she struggled at the beginning, once she let go of her fears she started giving amazing pictures! Though McKey has in my opinion the most beautiful face the show has seen, I really loved Analeigh and her personality, she was so funny and cute and sometimes a little weird, just how I like my ANTM girls!

Allison Harvard

Cycle 12 – Allison Harvard (Runner-Up)

Wow, those eyes!! She has the biggest eyes I’ve seen and they’re beautiful!! I loved her weird personality and her odd beauty, I think it’s a really unique look and I don’t know why she hadn’t had much success after the show. I didn’t really like any other girl from this cycle, but Allison made worth watching it!

Nicole Fox

Cycle 13 (Petite Cycle) – Nicole Fox (Winner)

Finally after 13 cycles my favorite girl won!! I have to say she’s my favorite not only winner, but contestant in ANTM history. I love red heads and she is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. She was also weird, awkward and shy, which I loved and then she turned into this killing machine in front of the camera. Seriously she always gave a good picture and she’s had some of the best photos from the show. I just love her so much!!

Raina Hein

Cycle 14 – Raina Hein (Runner-Up)

She’s got the second most beautiful face after McKey from cycle 11. She was beautiful on the show, but you have to check out her most recent pictures, she’s gorgeous!! I hated this cycle because of Angelea, seriously I couldn’t stand her, she’s my least favorite contestant that’s ever been on the show, I liked her even less than the boys on cycle 20. But Raina was amazing, she had amazing photos, but with that face is impossible to do wrong. I loved her!

Jane Randall

Cycle 14 – Jane Randall (Third Place)

This was a boring cycle too, but I just loved Jane. There’s something weird about her face, but she’s so beautiful! I also liked her because she looks like a very good friend of mine! I understand why Ann won though, she had better pictures than Jane and she was very model-like.

The photo is not from the show.

Molly O'Connell

Cycle 16 – Molly O’Connell (Runner-Up)

This was the first cycle I ever watched and I fell in love with it. I loved the photoshoots from this one, especially all the shoots from Morocco. I know Molly was very rude and outspoken sometimes, but she really had the best pictures! I don’t know why everyone hated Alexandria though, I really liked her and I can’t believe Tyra let Brittany stay in the competition after the confrontation they had and I can’t believe she even won!!! Seriously, I’ve never understood why she won, she was pretty and had some good pictures, but she’s no top model material. Anyway, Molly was awesome and even with that crazy wig they gave her (I don’t know what the hell Tyra was thinking) she always pull out a good picture!

Allison Harvard - Cycle 17

Cycle 17 (All Stars) – Allison Harvard (Runner-Up)

This was seriously the worst cycle ever!!! They took all the trash from past cycles (Angelea, Lisa, Dominique, Bre, Bianca… seriously, all trash!!) and tried to make it all about fighting and drama, it was AWFUL!! The modeling was the last thing on this cycle, it really sucked. I don’t know how good models like Allison, Laura or Isis agreed to do this. And what I can’t believe more is that Lisa won. Not only that, Angelea was the original winner (WTF?) but she cheated and told everyone she won before the show aired and she was disqualified (I told you, she’s trash) and then instead of making Allison the winner, she deserved to win in her original cycle and even more in this one, they crowned Lisa as the winner, SERIOUSLY? Worst cycle ever!

The only thing I have to thank this cycle is that because it was All Stars I watched all the previous seasons in one summer and that was awesome!

Sophie Sumner

Cycle 18 (British Invasion) – Sophie Sumner (Winner)

This was a fun cycle. I didn’t had many good contestants, but it sure had funny moments. I loved Sophie and I was so glad she won!! I thought the winner was going to be american, but thankfully it wasn’t. I loved her photos and her pink hair was really cool, it even started a trend, legendary actress Helen Mirren dyed her hair pink because of her!!! Isn’t that awesome??

Leila Goldkuhl

Cycle 19 (College Edition) – Leila Goldkuhl (Third Place)

I think Leila is the one with the most successful career after the show, she’s even been the image of Herve Leger and that is BIG! She’s my second favorite contestant ever and I think that, like me, everyone was SHOCKED that she left the competitions so early. It was obvious she was going to be the winner of the comeback series and I really expected her to win, or at least be the runner-up. Seriously, I did like Kiara’s personality, but she ain’t no model!!! I did like Laura, she’s really beautiful and looks like Olivia Wilde, but she was really dumb. I also liked Kristin a lot, she was my favorite in the beginning and I liked that she was mean. I think this is one of the best cycles yet! Just watching Victoria talking to her mum makes it worth it!! Anyway, Leila was the best on the show and one of the best models in ANTM history, she really has that high fashion look that the show is supposed to be looking for.

Her photo isn’t from the show either!

Jourdan Miller

Cycle 20 (Guys & Girls) – Jourdan Miller (Winner)

And here’s the third time my favorite contestant won! I was so glad a guy didn’t win. Seriously they were all really stupid and I don’t know why Tyra has done another cycle with guys after this one. I loved Jourdan from the beginning to the end and I think she was the only one with model potential on this cycle. Oh, Nina had model potential too, but she looked a lot like Allison so it wasn’t very refreshing. The only guy I liked was Jeremy but he couldn’t pull out a good photo. From what I’ve seen Jourdan is having a great career too and though she was a little bit dumb she really looks like a model.

So, what do you think? who are your favorite contestants from each ANTM cycle? Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments!!

All photos are from the show’s shoots except when noticed.

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