Avengers: Age Of Ultron Concept Art

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - Concept Art

Marvel has finally revealed all the heroes concept arts for Avengers: Age Of Ultron at Comic Con and I have some good a bad opinions on them! I love the full picture with all the characters (above) , but if you look closely at them individually some of them aren’t that good.

Let’s analyze each concept individually!

Hawkeye - Age Of Ultron

– Hawkeye

They changed his original outfit since the first movie, but I think that was one of the best moves they did, if they’ve kept the outfit he wears in the comics it would’ve looked very ridiculous. From what we can see here, I like it and I think that gloves are really cool!

Scarlet Witch - Age Of Ultron

– Scarlet Witch

I read online that Fox has the rights over her and Quicksilver so they had to change their outfits completely. They also are called miracles instead of mutants, which I find ridiculous, but it’s not their fault. I understand that they had to changed her outfit, but this is not cool at all!!! I think they could’ve come up with something much better. I love that Elizabeth Olsen is playing her though!!

Captain America - Age Of Ultron

– Captain America

We can’t see much of the outfit here, but it looks good. I’ve liked all the different ones he’s wore in the movies, so I think this is gonna be great too!

Iron Man - Age Of Ultron

– Iron Man

Like Captain America, I’ve always liked all the suits they’ve created for the movie so I’m assuming it’s gonna look good too! Plus, I’m down with it as long as Robert Downey Jr. is playing him!

Hulk - Age Of Ultron

– Hulk

I’ve never been a very big fan of Hulk, but it turned out to be one of my favorite characters on the first movie, he was so funny! As for the concept, I preferred how he looked in The Incredible Hulk, but he was good in Avengers too.

Black Widow - Age Of Ultron

– Black Widow

This is the coolest of all the concepts!!! I love the blue lines in her suit and the arm cuffs are awesome!!! Plus Scarlett Johansson would look amazing in anything you put her in!

Thor - Age Of Ultron

– Thor

Again, Chris Hemsworth would look good in anything, so it’s gonna be great too! I still miss the helmet though, but he haven’t wore it in any movie, so I don’t expect to see it here either.

Quicksilver - Age Of Ultron

– Quicksilver

Contrary to Scarlet Witch, I do like this outfit! It looks a little bit like a sweatsuit, but it looks cool. The thing is that I don’t think he’s gonna be as good as Evan Peters was in X-Men!

So, what do you think? Do you like these concepts for the movie? I can’t wait to see it!!! It hit theaters May 1st next year, so start counting the days on your calendars!!

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