Top 10 Rihanna Singles

I’v always complained about Rihanna releasing a new album every year, I like when artists take time to make music, plus with an album per year she had singles coming almost every month and it’s kind of tiring. In fact there was a time when I got sick of her music because of that reason.

However, it’s been almost two years since her last album Unapologetic came out and I miss new music from her!! I think this last album was one of her best ones and can’t wait to see and of course listen to what she’s creating for the next one.

I’ve been listening to her music a lot lately and I think it’s obvious why she’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world, she’s got lots of hits and though some of them are too generic for me, there’re some great songs in her trajectory, especially in the beginning and at the end.

I love the evolution of her music and how she reinvents herself for every new album. I can live without the crazy hairstyles though, keep your natural hair long or short, but no wigs, no dyes and no shaving!!!

So, I decided to do a Top 10 list with my favorite songs by RiRi, here they are!

10. Rehab – Good Girl Gone Bad (2008)

GGGB is, in my opinion, her best album to date. There’s only one song in that album that I don’t like. It has some of her biggest hits and also some of my favorite songs from her entire career. This is one of those songs, I loved it when the album came out and when she released it as the last single, even after the reloaded edition, I was so happy! I love the video with Justin Timberlake!

9. Man Down – Loud (2011)

I have mixed feelings for the Loud album, at first I loved it a lot, but it has many blah and generic songs on it and I got tired of most of the singles with time, but this one was different, I think is the most original song in the album and one of her best songs ever!

8. Pour It Up – Unapologetic (2013)

Like I said, Unapologetic is one of my favorite albums, I think the second after GGGB. I love the darker side of it and the direction she took with it taking influences from many different genres like dubstep and hip hop. My favorite songs on the album weren’t singles, I think because it were not very commercial, but this song kills it, I love it!

7. Take A Bow – Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded (2008)

Talking about beautiful ballads, I love this one!! I loved the songs she added to the Reloaded version of this album and I have special sympathy for this one because here’s when she cut her hair short and, in my opinion, she’s never looked so beautiful!

6. Disturbia – Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded (2008)

When this song came out I got obsessed with it! Not only the song is amazing, but the video is sick too! I remember watching MTV every morning before going to school just to see this music video. I love that she included this song in the Reloaded version of GGGB and made the album even better!

5. If It’s Loving That You Want – Music Of The Sun (2005)

Many people have forgotten about how Rihanna started and I don’t know why, I think her first two album are much better than some of her most popular ones! I love that she started with a lot of reggae influences and this song is one of my favorites!

4. Unfaithful – A Girl Like Me (2006)

This was the first time I really noticed RiRi. I mean, Pon De Replay and SOS were huge hits, but it wasn’t until she released this song that I started to pay attention to her music and I fell in love with her. Of course she later became a superstar with Umbrella, but this was the song that made me love her and that’s why I love it so much.

3. Umbrella (Feat. Jay-Z) – Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)

Like I said, this song catapulted her to global superstardom. I remember I read about a duet with Jay-Z that she was working on and I was really excited. Then it came out and I showed to my friends and they were like, this song is crap. Few months later it was all over the radio and in every music channel and suddenly everyone loved it… Anyway, I loved it since the beginning and I think if it wasn’t for this song she wouldn’t be where she is today.

2. Hard (Feat. Jeezy) – Rated R (2009)

I was very excited when this album came because it was just after the whole Chris Brown scandal and I wanted to know what she had to say about it with her music. First I loved it, but now I find it very blah, like happened with Loud. The singles are great though and this one in particular is just amazing! It’s always been my favorite song on the album and I loved the video too. I love the message and I have to say that I loved her with the crazy blonde haircut.

1. Diamonds – Unapologetic (2012)

Again, this is one of her best albums and I think this song is one of the reasons why. I have to admit at first I didn’t like it, but it’s because it came by the time I was a little tired of her. When it finally grew on me I was like, how could I ever not like this? Seriously, I think it’s the best song she’s ever released. I love the dark sound it has and how different it is to all other her hits. It broke her very commercial latest records to start with this new direction. I just love it!

As you can see I chose a lot of her ballads and didn’t pick some of her biggest hits like We Found Love or S&M because, like I said before, they’re too generic. Don’t get me wrong, I love those songs and I love it when I hear them in the club or on the radio, but they’re not the songs that stand out for me.

Btw, the years in brackets are the years the songs were released as singles and not the album release year!

Hope you enjoyed reading! What are your favorite RiRi songs?

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