Top 10 Female Comic Book Villains

Harley & Ivy - J. Scott Campbell

One of the first posts I ever posted on this blog was a Top 10 list of female heroes from my favorite comics. (Check it out here!)

The truth is that I normally tend to like more the villains than the heroes and I don’t know why did it take me so long to do a list with my favorite ones. This happens to me not only reading comics, in movies and especially TV shows I always like the villains more than the heroes, my friends always tell me that if we lived in a comic book or a fantasy show I would be a villain, haha.

Anyways, here’s my list of sexy, beautiful and, more importantly, powerful female villains! Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and it may, well it probably will, differ from yours.

Like in the heroes list, I only chose characters that were created for the comic book industry, so no characters from comic adaptations of video games, TV shows or movies.

Furies - Michael Turner

10. Darkseid’s Furies (Superman/Batman)

One of my favorite sagas from DC Comics is the Supergirl story in the Superman/Batman series. Not only because of the amazing art of Michael Turner, the story was great, as you can see in my top female heroes list, I love Supergirl and to see how she became a superhero was amazing!

So, in this series, Darkseid is the main enemy and he tries to manipulate Kara to join his army of Furies and I LOVED them! Especially Gilotina!!

There’s an animated movie called Superman/Batman: Apocalypse if you’re interested in the story, I have it on dvd and it’s pretty good.

Elektra - Artgerm

9. Elektra (Daredevil)

I was never a big fan of the Daredevil comics so I don’t have much knowledge of his world, but if Elektra is as cool as in the movie she deserves a place on this list. Maybe Jennifer Garner is blinding me, but I’m sure the comic version is amazing too!

Harley Quinn - Artgerm

8. Harley Quinn (Batman)

I have to admit there was a time when I didn’t like Harley Quinn at all because of the costume. When I learned her story I was so fascinated that I fell in love instantly, for those who don’t know, she was actually a psychiatrist at Arkham and The Joker was her patient and she fell in love with him and became the mad girl we all know.

Her redesign for the Arkham City video game is sick! I love her outfit and the tattoos are amazing, I think that she should have that design in the comics too!

Natalia Kassle - J. Scott Campbell

7. Natalia Kassle (Danger Girl)

This is a bit of a spoiler, because you don’t learn that she’s a villain until one of the lasts issues of the series, but she needs to be on this list! So, sorry for those who didn’t know she was one of the bad guys! The thing I like the most about her is that, for me at least, it was really surprising to find out she was evil. In fact she was my favorite girl from the team, you see I always love the villains, hahaha.

I have the three Danger Girl action figures designed by its creator J. Scott Campbell and Natalia’s one is my favorite too!

Catwoman - Adam Hughes

6. Catwoman (Batman)

I’ve always loved Catwoman, I guess probably because Michelle Pfeiffer was incredibly awesome when she played her in Batman Returns back in 1992. I’ve read some of her comics and also some of her storylines in the Batman series and I have to say I really love her.

One of my favorite things is Adam Hughes design of her and how much she looks like Audrey Hepburn! I love his art, but the job he’s done with Catwoman is very impressive.

Emma Frost - Greg Horn

5. White Queen (X-Men)

I know Emma Frost is on my Top heroes list too, but before joining the X-Men she was one of the villains from the Hellfire Club. She’s one of the strongest telepaths on Earth and the fact that she can turn her skin into diamond is just so awesome!

For once, I prefer her role within the X-Men than as their enemy, but she’s still one of my favorite villains! She’s also been possessed by the Phoenix Force cool right?

Black Cat - J. Scott Campbell

4. Black Cat (Spider-Man)

I know Black Cat is practically the same as Catwoman in the Marvel universe, but I like her so much more! I love her relationship with Spider-Man and how she changes from hero to  villain depending on her own benefit.

I love her since I was a little kid and I watched the Spidey animated series and the first comic I ever read was a Spider-Man collectible with her in the main story! I’m so happy Felicia Hardy (her real persona) was in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I so hope it was a hint that she’ll appear in the next movie as Black Cat!!

Poison Ivy - Michael Turner

3. Poison Ivy (Batman)

Poison Ivy has always been my favorite Batman villain and of course my favorite Gotham girl. I loved Uma Thurman in the movie, but after reading some comics I really fell in love with her character. Like all the villains she’s a little bit crazy and I love that, but what I really like about her is that she’s so obsessed with her plants and saving the nature that she’s gone mad and will do anything for her cause! Plus, I just love red heads!

Dark Phoenix - Greg Land

2. Dark Phoenix (X-Men)

I love everything about Jean Grey, as you can see in the heroes list, she’s my favorite X-Men character, no matter if she’s just Jean or if she’s possessed by the Phoenix, I just love her! She’s one of the most powerful mutants and when she turns into the Dark Phoenix you better run fast, she’ll destroy anything that crosses her way with just thinking it.

I didn’t like how they portrayed her in The Last Stand, but in the comics is just amazing! All the storylines about the Phoenix are my favorites from the X-Men!

Mystique - Adam Hughes

1. Mystique (X-Men)

I told you I love read heads! It was not intentional, but the top 3 are, haha! Anyways, Mystique is, in my opinion, the best villain ever! I recently bought all her series that was published in 2003 and I’m reading it right now. I’m learning a lot about her, did you know the clothes and objects she carries are an extension of her skin? And she can modify her body to create a hole in case she’s hit by a bullet, AWESOME!

I always thought her morphing power was the coolest, but now I know all these things I like it even more! The fact that she’s a kick-ass fighter is the extra thing that makes me love her so much!! When I finish reading the series I’ll do a review, as far as I’ve read I highly recommend it!!

So, what do you think? Who are your favorite female villains from the comic book world? Let me know in the comments!! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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