The Curse Of Maleficent Review

MagicHourExtThis week I finally got my copy of The Curse Of Maleficent: Tale Of A Sleeping Beauty that I bought on Amazon. I was very interested in this book not for the story, because I’ve already seen the movie Maleficent, but the illustrations of this book are amazing!

When I got it in the mail and I opened it I was a little disappointed because I was expecting it to have lots of illustrations, but it only has like one illustration at the end of each chapter.

The story is exactly the same from the movie but seen from Aurora’s point of view. I liked it because you get to know her better than in the movie, but I didn’t like that you barely get to know Maleficent and in my opinion she’s the center character of the story and if you haven’t seen the movie you’ll be missing some important facts.

If you haven’t seen the movie stop reading! SPOILERS alert!! In the book you don’t see how Maleficent starts loving Aurora and how she tries to break the curse. Also at the beginning the story is told from a friend of Maleficent that lives in The Moors with her so you don’t get to know how she falls in love with Stefan and that crucial moment when he betrays her and cuts her wings is barely mentioned.

I didn’t like that you get introduced to this new character, Robin, Maleficent’s friend and then you don’t hear about him for the rest of the book, not even at the end when they all get reunited in The Moors.

Anyways, the story and Maleficent’s point of view is completed with the illustrations by Nicholas Kole. I didn’t know this artist before, but I’m in love with the illustrations of this book. They’re just beautiful, I’m obsessed!!

So, if you like Disney and you like Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty you’ll enjoy this book, but like I said there is a lot of important information missing.

My Rating: 70/100

Check out some of the stunning illustrations below!

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