Frozen Cast for Once Upon A Time

1752792_origOnce Upon A Time is one of my favorite shows on TV now. I only started watching it this year, but I was so addicted that I watched all the three seasons in less than two months. What I like about the show is how the twist all the classic fairytales and how the bad guys are sort of the most important characters in the series.

If you already watched the finale of season 3 keep reading, if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for??? So, spoilers alert!!!

As I was saying, at the end of season 3 we get a major twisted cliffhanger that hints to a Frozen storyline for next season. Yes Disney Frozen, that movie everyone, including myself, is obsessed with!

Today the casting of two of the characters has been announced. Elizabeth Lail will play Anna and Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff. I don’t know any of them, but I did a little digging and find out that she has almost non acting experience and he has been in several TV Shows. This is another thing I like about OUAT, I like that none of the actors are big A-listers, the only main character that I knew before the show is Jennifer Morrison and though there’s been some celebrity guests like Rose McGowan, normally they don’t hire major superstars.

So, take a look at the new Anna and Kristoff!

10479565_720306874671006_1694449570_n 10508295_720306868004340_59695765_n

Like I said, I don’t know the actors so I can only judge their resemblance with the original characters. I do like Anna, she’s cute and very beautiful and does look like her, but with Kristoff I’m not so sure. I like how he looks in that picture, but in other pictures I saw on the internet he didn’t convince me much. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the new season premieres.

As for Elsa, though we already saw her from behind, the actress wasn’t the definitive choice and they’re still looking. I can’t wait to find out who’s going to play her!!

Are you excited about this new Frozen storyline??

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