Neighbors Review

neighbors-zac-efron-600x450Last night I finally got to watch Neighbors. I did like it and had a few laughs, but it wasn’t as funny as I expected. I normally love anything with Seth Rogen, but I don’t know, I was a little disappointed.

It probably was Rose Byrne‘s fault. I have nothing against her, but I’ve never really liked her and she’s not funny. On the other hand Seth was great, Zac Efron was good too, but watching him shirtless through all the movie was too distracting. I mean, I don’t have any complain about that, but it really distracted me from the plot sometimes, haha.

I especially liked Dave Franco, I’ve always been a fan of James Franco since Spider-Man and when Dave started acting I became a fan of his too. He’s really funny and there’s something about him that I just find adorable to watch him.

Again, it isn’t a bad movie, I laugh and it has some great scenes, like the Robert DeNiro party, but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting.

My Rating: 70/100

2 thoughts on “Neighbors Review

  1. Good review. I laughed a whole lot during this movie. However, what worked the most was the fact that it actually had a heart to be found in the center of this thing and it never felt at all cheesy.

    • Thanks! You’re right, though I must confess I do like cheesy movies, I’m very glad this one wasn’t.

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