The Other Woman Review


I finally got to watch The Other Woman! I’ve been wanting to go to the cinema since it came out, but all my friends are busy with their exams and I couldn’t find someone free until today.

The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was Cameron Diaz, she’s my all time favorite actress and I mostly love all her movies, but her latest comedies have been a little bit disappointing. This one, on the other hand, was great! I loved it. I laughed a lot and the story and performances were great. I even liked Kate Upton, hell, I even liked Nicki Minaj, she was funny enough, but her butt was too distracting though.

Cameron was great in the movie, my friends told me she looked very old, but I think she looked AMAZING! Especially when she has her hair straight, she looked gorgeous. She was funny as always and I love that she’s playing more mature roles and she’s killing it.

The true epicenter of the movie, though, is Leslie Mann. God, I’ve always been a fan of hers, since George Of The Jungle, but here she was spectacular. She was the funniest of all the ladies and looked stunning. I loved her performance, she was just adorable and so cute, seriously, I’m obsessed right now!

I recommend all of you to go watch it, it’s a lot of fun and laughs are 100% guaranteed.

My Rating: 95/100 – I just loved it!!

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