Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Songs


Jennifer Lopez is releasing her new album A.K.A. next week and this is an album I’m very curious about. I used to be a huge JLo fan when I was a kid, she has some of the greatest hits of modern pop history, but lately, especially since she joined forces with Pitbull, she’s been such a mediocre artist and has become so desperate for attention that I can’t even stand her. Just take a look at the cover of the album, please.

Anyways, I’m curious about this album because she seems to be going back to her roots, or at least that’s what I hope. You can see it in her promotional single Same Girl and the outfits she’s been wearing lately similar to her famous Versace Grammy dress from 2000. Also I’ve been very obsessed with her song I Luh Ya Papi, I know, I’m the worst, but I can’t help it!

So here’re my top 10 JLo songs from all time, of course they’re all from back in the day so don’t expect to see any Pitbull collaboration on this list. Find out below:

10. Play – J.LO (2001)

9. Let’s Get Loud – On The 6 (1999)

8. Get Right – Rebirth (2005)

7. Ain’t It Funny – J.LO (2001)

6. I’m Gonna Be Alright [Trackmasters Remix] (Feat. Nas) – J To Tha L-O! The Remixes (2002)

5. Una Noche Más – On The 6 (1999)

4. I’m Glad – This Is Me… Then (2002)

3. If You Had My Love – On The 6 (1999)

2. Love Don’t Cost A Thing – J.LO (2001)

1. Jenny From The Block (Feat. Styles & Jadakiss) – This Is Me… Then (2002)

What is your favorite JLo song? Do you still like her no matter what she’s doing now or do you prefer her on the good old days?

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