X-Men: Days Of Future Past Review


The wait is finally over!! Today was the premiere of X-Men Days Of Future Past here in Spain and I had to see it as soon as possible. I’ve been waiting for this movie since the storyline of the Days Of Future Past comics was announced. It was supposed to be released May 25th in the world premiere of the movie, but it was delayed until today so I’ve been waiting longer than others.

Lets start saying that X-Men are my favorite Marvel heroes so this movie is a very big deal for me. I did notice that the movie was a rectification of all the mistakes they made with The Last Stand and First Class. Thank you Bryan Singer for saving and reviving this franchise that, in my opinion, died along with all the main characters in the last installment of the original X-Men trilogy.

I really liked the movie, but there were some things that I really missed, starting with the original cast. They are seen in the beginning and at the end of the movie, not longer than 10 minutes of full length. I also missed some Wolverine action, he didn’t do anything really, he needed to wake up and kill some people!! Another thing I didn’t love was the design of the sentinels. Well, I liked the design, but they were too small!! In the comic books and the animated series they are as big as a house and here they aren’t bigger than any regular basketball player.

On the other hand, I liked that Jennifer Lawerence was way better than in the last movie. She had more action scenes and she was a lot thinner and looked way better as Mystique this time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she was fat or that she needed that weight loss, she’s always looked perfect, but for this role she needed a kick-ass body and she got it. As much as I liked her in the movie, she ain’t no Rebecca Romijn. It’s impossible to be as good as she was in the original movies.

One of the biggest surprises was Evan Peters as Quicksilver. I loved his performance and the personality he, or the writers, gave to the character. He was so funny, I’d say the kitchen scene in slow motion was my favorite of the movie.

The end was very unexpected but also expected, I mean when Logan woke up back in the future I thought I wish this happens (I don’t want to make any spoilers) but I wasn’t serious about it and then it happened!! So it was unexpected but yet expected. I know, it’s confusing, but I just don’t know how to express it.

I watched the movie in 3D, of course, and I did like the scenes that happened in the future, but in the past there were only two or three spectacular scenes. I did like the camera angle they used some times as if you were watching the news on TV, I don’t know if you know what I mean, but I did like that.

Anyways, I loved the movie and was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I highly recommend every Marvel fan and especially everyone that, like me, was disappointed with everything about The Last Stand.

My Rating: 95/100

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