Britney Spears – Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD Review


Yesterday I bought Britney SpearsGreatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD. I’ve seen it many times in different music stores, but I never bought it because I’ve always thought it was just a compilation of music videos. Yesterday I had some extra money and it had a low price so I bought it and when I saw it today I was fully surprised. It has lots of extras for most of the music videos and it was awesome to see how many of them would’ve been even greater than they already are.

Let’s start with the first video: My Prerogative. It has lots of different outtakes that I LOVED! I loved this unreleased version of the video much better than the one that got released. By the way, Britney looked amazing in this video.

The DVD continues with the footage of the never released music video for Outreageous. I had already seen this footage in YouTube, but it was in a fake music video always repeating the same footage. It was nice to see which parts of the song was the footage for.

In the alternate video of Everytime we see a full take Britney singing in the white rope. I really liked it, she plays with the camera, acts foolish and gets emotional. She looks stunning on this take and I loved it. I still would’ve loved to see her original ideas for the video, when she commits suicide and and later rebirths. It would’ve been very interesting to see.

I LOVED the Toxic karaoke version. Like in the previews video, we see one full length take of Britney with the diamonds outfit for the whole video. Amazing right? The only thing I didn’t  like were the lyrics of the song covering her boobs all the time, it was too distracting.

Toxic is followed by Me Against The Music, Boys, I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll, I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman and both versions of Overprotected, but none of them has any extra material.

Again just one full take, but this time with the green screen and acapella. I’ve already seen this I’m A Slave 4 U alternative video in YouTube, but it never gets old. Slave is one of my top 3 Britney songs ever and the video is my all time favorite!

Then we see the outtakes for Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know, I love that Britney was so playful and foolish back in the day. I miss her funny side a lot.

Again lots of funny outtakes, this time from Stronger, another of my favorite videos and songs. I love the Oops era!

Then comes Lucky with no extras, followed by the uncut version of Oops!… I Did It Again. Now we see Britney with the red leather catsuit for the whole video. I just love this so much!

Born To Make You Happy comes next with no extras, but then some kind of weird making off of (You Drive Me) Crazy follows up with a non-altered version of Sometimes coming after.

And the DVD ends with the video that started it all, it’s time for …Baby One More Time. Here’s another uncut version, this time the whole video focuses on Britney dancing with the pink top and the white sweatpants. I’d preferred to see an uncut version of the school uniform take, but this one was good too.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the DVD and I think it’s a must have in every Britney fan DVD collection. I think that maybe another Greatest Hits album is what she needs right now. She needs to find a hit song to cover like she did with My Prerogative and then do a part two of her greatest hits after In The Zone was released. I’d love to see all the Blackout era outtakes!!!

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