Lola XOXO #1 Review


I just got a copy of Aspen ComicsLola XOXO issue 1, you can download it today on Comixology’s Summer Reading List”. I’ve been waiting a long time to read this, Aspen hasn’t published anything in Spain after Fathom‘s Vol. 2, so I can only read what I find online or some of the issues I’ve purchased in London.

Anyways, I’ve been following artist Siya Oum for a while and I just love her style. It’s very similar to Michael Turner‘s who is my all time favorite comic book artist, but what she does with colors is amazing. I love that she mainly uses traditional techniques to color her pieces and, when I learned that she was working on her own comic series and that she was going to do it all alone and everything traditional, I got very excited.

So, I finally got my copy of the first issue today and I read it as fast as I could. It was a good start and a good introduction to the story, but I wasn’t very impressed with it. I’m not saying it was bad, I did like it, but nothing interesting happens or at least nothing caught my attention and made me want to read the next issue immediately.

I’m sure the story will develop and I really want to give a try to the whole series, but what this number one issue needed was something more spectacular, it is important for a first issue to leave you wanting more and get interested in what’s going to happen next, but this one didn’t have that.


On the other hand, the art was stunning. Some of the pages in this issue are amazing and again her coloring skills and techniques have me obsessed with her style. I’m in love.

I hope I can find the next issues online soon so I can continue the story and give a full opinion of the series. Like I said, I wasn’t very impressed with the story, but the artwork makes the comic a must read.

My Rating: 70/100

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