Top 10 Universal Studios Orlando Rides

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been out for a long time, but I’ve been very busy with my classes and I also bought the new Pokemon game last week and I’ve been spending my little free time playing.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I posted my Top 10 Walt Disney World rides and promised I’d do a Top 10 Universal Studios rides soon, so here are them!


I’m choosing rides from both Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure theme parks, including all of the different islands from the second park, that means there’s going to be a lot of Harry Potter here!!

Like I did in the Disney World post, I’m going to describe my experience at Universal Orlando.

First time I was there I was 9 years old and again, I didn’t take any ride because I was scared. Last year with 21 years old I went again and had the time of my life! The difference with Disney parks is that it’s more focused on the Roller Coasters and the adrenaline part of the theme parks more than to enjoy yourself and letting your inner child live for a few days.

This time The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter was added as one of the islands from Islands Of Adventure and that’s what I enjoyed the most along with the Marvel Superhero Island.

I also loved The Simpsons zone they’re building at Universal Studios, but it wasn’t finished yet. The only thing that I didn’t like is that they closed the JAWS ride, which I was dying to take since I didn’t when I was a kid. so lets have it as a honorable mention. I saw the video my uncle took in the ride when I was little and it was so good.

So let’s begin with the list! Find out below:

10. Revenge Of The Mummy (Universal Studios)

This reminded me to the Aerosmith ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it was an inside coaster with special effects and a lot of fire. I really liked it, but it wasn’t as extreme as other coasters in the resort.


9. The Simpsons Ride (Universal Studios)

I loved this one!! I was expecting a typical simulator, but it was way more than that. I had a lot of fun and the animation was spectacular. It really surprised me and I enjoyed a lot!


8. Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges (Cartoon Lagoon)

I remember this was one of my favorite rides as a kid and one of the only ones I took and I really liked it as a grown up too. We waited until the hottest day to take it and we ended up all wet. I loved it!


7. E.T. Adventure (Universal Studios)

This is one of those “boring” rides, but visually it’s awesome. I loved it as a kid, and that says everything, and I loved it even more as a grown up. It’s a very special ride that will surprise everyone.


6. The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man (Marvel Superhero Island)

As you may already know I love comic books and Spider-Man is my favorite superhero along with the X-Men. I didn’t remember much about this ride so I took it again and I loved it! It was a simulator like The Simpsons one and I really enjoyed it. The visual effects were amazing and it was very entertaining.


5. Jurassic Park River Adventure (Jurassic Park Island)

This one did really surprise me as well. I was expecting just a typical waterfall ride and it was fantastic. Before the waterfall you get to see a lot of dinosaurs and the whole ride has a story and a reason why you fall. It’s exciting and a little scary, I loved it!

Jurassic Park River Adventure

4. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (Universal Studios)

This was completely new to me and I loved that they build a big roller coaster at Universal. It was amazing! You have speakers on your seat and you get to choose the music you wanna listen to as you’re on the ride, that was awesome! I chose No Doubt’s Hella Good. I really really liked it!!


3. Harry Potter And The Forbbiden Journey (The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter)

Like I said, there was gonna be a lot of Harry Potter in here. This was the only ride we had to wait on the line, but it sure was worth it. We waited two full hours and we thought it was going to be only a guided visit through Hogwarts, but what we found was amazing! It was another simulator, but different than the others, because it also moves on rails. The best thing was to see all the original Harry Potter cast in a new mini adventure. I also liked that the line isn’t boring at all, well there’re some parts that are boring, but once you enter the castle it’s amazing and you get to see many thing from Hogwarts interiors. I LOVED it. Really amazing!!


2. The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Superhero Island)

This is one of the most extreme coasters on both parks and I loved it. You are catapulted through a cannon faster than Hulk gets angry and ride along many loopers, flip flops and everything, I loved it!!


1. Dragon Challenge (The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter)

And we have Harry Potter again. When I was a kid this ride did already exist but it was added to The Wizarding Wolrd Of Harry Potter when it was built. They changed the decorations of the exteriors of the coaster and put lots of Harry Potter stuff like the flying car or Hagrid’s cottage. The ride consists in two different coasters, the red one is faster and the blue one has more loops and flips. I took both of them and they both were great, but the red one was extreme! I loved it, it’s the best coaster I’ve ever been on!!

dualing_dragons DuelingDragons16

What’s your favorite Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure ride??

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    • It’s great, I really enjoyed it! It was the hottest day of the week and I needed some splashing haha

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