Michael Jackson’s Xscape Details


Yesterday Michael Jackson‘s duet with Justin Timberlake Love Never Felt So Good was released and I like it a lot! I wasn’t very in favor of this project, but I like the stuff that have been coming out so far. I loved the song that was leaked last month and shares the album title Xscape and I like this duet with JT.

Album producer and Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid said that the album will consist on previously unreleased songs recorded by the King of Pop. He says the songs have been “contemporized”, which I hated, but then I was so happy to find out they’re releasing the original versions with the deluxe edition!

The album is set to be released on May 9th and here’s the track list for both the regular and deluxe editions!

1. Love Never Felt So Good

2. Chicago

3. Loving You

4. A Place With No Name

5. Slave To The Rhythm

6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are

7. Blue Gangsta

8. Xscape

Deluxe Edition:

9. Love Never Felt So Good (original version)

10. Chicago (original version)

11. Loving You (original version)

12. A Place With No Name (original version)

13. Slave To The Rhythm (original version)

14. Do You Know Where Your Children Are (original version)

15. Blue Gangsta (original version)

16. Xscape (original version)

17. Love Never Felt So Good (Feat. Justin Timberlake)

Here’s the Jackson and Timberlake duet if you haven’t listened to it yet!

I’m loving everything about this project, the only thing I really really don’t like is the cover of the album. Am I the only one thinking it’s awful?

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