Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs


I know you all have probably heard about Michael Jackson‘s new album that is gonna be released this year. It will consist on a series of reworked old demos that Michael recorded. At first I wasn’t very convinced about this project, but I’ve listened to what it’s supposed to be the first single Xscape and I really really like it! You can listen here!

What I like the most about this is that this is a normal and classic Michael Jackson song and not like they did with Hold My Hand, which has nothing to do with Michael’s style. They tried to make a contemporary song and they created the worst song I’ve heard from the King.

Thankfully and hopefully, this new project will be different!

Anyways, to celebrate it, I’m choosing my Top 10 Michael songs, which is gonna be impossible!!! I’ll do my best and hope you enjoy reading and listening to this amazing songs!

10. Bad (Bad)

9. Rock With You (Off The Wall)

8. Smooth Criminal (Bad)

7. Earth Song (HIStory)

6. Human Nature (Thriller)

5. They Don’t Care About Us (HIStory)

4. Black Or White (Dangerous)

3. Thriller (Thriller)

2. The Way You Make Me Feel (Bad)

I love this performance he did with Birtney!!

1. Another Part Of Me (Bad)

As you can see, Bad is my favorite album and era from Michael and I LOVE Captain EO at Disney World! That’s why I chose Another Part Of Me as number one! Check it out below if you haven’t seen this amazing short movie or watch it again!!

What are your favorite songs from THE KING?


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