Top 10 Sexiest Comic Heroes & Villains In Movies [Female Edition]

Today I finally got to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the cinema! I really enjoyed the movie, it was definitely much better than the first one. Marvel is getting better and better with every movie, I thought they wouldn’t be able to surpass The Avengers, but I was very impressed with Thor 2 and now this!

Another thing I noticed, is how sexy Black Widow was in this movie! So, I started thinking in all the heroes, heroines and villains that have been adapted in the big screen and all of them are very good looking people, what can we expect from Hollywood, right?

Anyway, I decided to do a Top10 with the sexiest heroines and villains from all the superhero movies I’ve seen!

10. Storm (X-Men)

Storm is one of my favorite X-Men and one of my favorite female comic heroes. In the movie franchise she’s played by Halle Berry, who does a really good job portraying her. Though she also played Catwoman, is Storm who earns the spot on my list!


9. Emma Frost (X-Men: First Class)

Another girl from X-Men, if you’ve read my post of my favorite female comic characters you may remember she’s on the top 2 of that list! I really loved X-Men: First Class and though January Jones‘ interpretation was not very convincing to me, you can deny she gave a very sexy portrayal of the White Queen.


8. Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)

I really like Batman & Robin! I know everyone hates it and think it’s a really bad movie, but I love it! It has George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many A-listers portraying some of my favorite DC comics characters. What else do you need? My favorite character in the movie and also one of my favorites from the DC Universe is Poison Ivy, incredibly well played by the amazing Uma Thurman.


7. Invisible Woman (Fantastic 4)

I think we can all agree that Jessica Alba was the best choice the could’ve made to play Sue Storm AKA Invisible Woman in the Fantastic 4 movies. She was perfect for the role and did a really good job. I wish they made a new FF movie, but now Chris Evans is Captain America, who would play Johnny Storm??

Jessica-Alba (3)

6. Elektra (Daredevil/Elektra)

In my opinion, Jennifer Garner is one of the most beautiful women that have ever lived. Though Daredevil and Elektra weren’t amazing movies, they were not that bad and Jennifer is perfect for the role of Elektra!


5. Catwoman (Batman Returns)

There are many versions of Catwoman, but the best one, and we can all agree with this, is the one played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. She was amazing in the movie and is one of the sexiest villain portrayals ever!


4. Jean Grey/Phoenix (X-Men)

When I was a kid I didn’t think Famke Janssen was sexy at all. She’s one of those beauties you don’t appreciate until you’re all grown up. She was amazing as Jean Grey and later the Phoenix in the X-Men franchise and she’s in my opinion they did an amazing job casting her.


3. Black Widow (Iron Man 2/Avengers/Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

I’ve always liked Scarlett Johansson, but I didn’t think she was the best choice to play Black Widow. I was wrong! Though she wasn’t ready yet in Iron Man 2, she proved me wrong in The Avengers and now in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She’s amazing in both movies, especially in the last one with that straight read head! I love read heads!!


2. Nancy Callahan (Sin City)

Jessica Alba repeats on the list, but she deserves it! She was amazing in Sin City and as far as I’ve seen, she’ll be amazing in the sequel too. Who could resist to her dancing in that cowboy outfit? You know you couldn’t!!


1. Mystique (X-Men)

And numer 1 is… You may disagree, but Rebecca Romijn as Mystique is the best comic character portrayal I’ve seen in a movie. Jennifer Lawerence was ok, but Rebecca is just AMAZING in all the X-Men movies. I just love her!!


Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments!

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