Lisbon + The Mrs. Carter Show 2014


I just came back from Lisbon. I was there only for three days, but me and my friends tried to see as much as we could! We arrived at Lisbon on Wednesday at night, so we went directly to the hostel we had booked. We stayed at the Oasis Backpackers Mansion, which I highly recommend! It is a really good place to stay and the staff members are very nice.

On Thursday morning we had a delicious breakfast at the hostel, visited the hostel area and then we went to Belém. We saw the Tower of Belém, the Jerónimos Monastery and the Cultural Center. We also got to see the 25 de Abril bridge from a nearer view.

Around 2 o’clock we headed to the MEO Arena. We bought KFC and ate it while we were on the line for Beyoncé’s concert. We stayed 4 hours on the line and it rained the whole time. At 6.30 pm the Arena opened the doors and we went directly to the Merchandising point to buy our FLAWLESS sweatshirts. After that we found a good place to see the concert and we met a group of girls from Sevilla that were just in front of us.

The concert started at 9.30, one and a half hours late, but the wait was worth it!

She opened with Run The World (Girls), it was followed by ***Flawless, which I enjoyed a lot, then Yoncé and some old hits like Get Me Bodied, Baby Boy and Naughty Girl. Then she continued with her new songs including Blow, Partition, Haunted and her mega hit Drunk In Love. Since it was the last concert of the tour, she brought Jay-Z on stage!!!! Everyone flipped out!! It was like a burst of adrenaline!!! Everyone was screaming and shouting, it was awesome!!

After that came Why Don’t You Love Me, Irreplaceable and Love On Top. Then two of her biggest hits: Crazy In Love and Single Ladies. Then we saw a video of her achievements with lyrics of her song I Was Here and when it finished she came on stage to sing Heaven. Then she gave a very moving and emotional speech. She cried and almost made me cry too! The she dedicated her song XO to all of us and ended the concert with Halo.

We went directly to the hostel and slept all night.

On Friday we went to the Saint George Castle area and the Praça Do Comércio and headed back to the hostel to take our luggage and go to the airport.

It was short and tiring, but it was an amazing experience to see Queen B live!! I’m sure I will repeat!!


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