Top 10 Disney Channel Stars

I was watching TV last night and I changed to Disney Channel and I realized today’s shows aren’t as good as the shows I watched when I was a kid. Maybe is that I’m all grown up now and that’s why I don’t like it, but I love re-watching old episodes of Lizzie Mcguire or Hannah Montana.

I also noticed that the Disney stars aren’t as good either, so I started remembering of all the Disney stars from back in the day and I decided to do a list with my favorite actors from Disney Channel shows or original movies.

I decided not to include actors from shows that weren’t broadcasted in Spain or that I didn’t watch as a child, so that’s why I’m not including any Mouseketeer. Sorry Britney!

10. Moises Arias

He played Rico in Disney Channel’s hit show Hannah Montana. He is one of the funniest Disney stars ever and though he hasn’t done much after the show ended, he deserves to be on the list! He recently voiced Antonio in Despicable Me 2.


9. Danielle Panabaker 

She was in Disney Channel original movies like Stuck In The Suburbs and Sky High. After that she appeared in shows like Shark, but she’s become an icon of modern horror movies with titles like The Crazies, The Ward, Piranha 3DD or the remake of Friday The 13th. She may not be one of the most famous Disney stars, but she’s got one of the best careers!


8. Brenda Song

She was also one of the funniest Disney stars. She was on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and later on The Suite Life On Deck. She also was in the Disney Channel original movies Stuck In The Suburbs and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. After her Disney career, she’s appeared on big movies like The Social Network and hit shows like Scandal and New Girl.


7. Ashley Tisdale

She was also on The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, but we all know her for playing Sharpay Evans in all High School Musical movies. After her Disney days, she’s guest starred in many shows like Super Fun Night or The Crazy Ones. She also had her own show Hellcats and was the main star of Scary Movie 5. She’s still part of the Disney Channel, she’s the voice actor of Candace Flint in Phineas & Ferb.


6. Raven-Symoné

Who wasn’t obsessed with That’s So Raven as a kid? I sure was! It was one of my favorite shows and one of the funniest shows in Disney Channel’s history. Raven was also part of The Cheetah Girls and was the voice actor of Monique in Kim Possible. She’s still part of Disney and is the voice of Iridessa in all the Tinker Bell movies.


5. Miley Cyrus

We all know Miley’s beginning as Hannah Montana. She’s made clear that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Disney Channel anymore, but her past will always follow her. After Hannah Montana ended, she did some movies like The Last Song or Lol, but we all know her for her music and her twerking!


4. Vanessa Hudgens

She may be more famous for taking naked pictures with her phone than acting, but we all know where she comes from. She was the main star in all High School Musical movies and we all loved her. After HSM she had two decent albums and some great movies like Sucker Punch, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island or Machete Kills. If she keeps doing movies like these maybe people would forget about her boobs, which is pretty difficult after Spring Breakers.


3. Zac Efron

Another High School Musical star, but what a great star! I didn’t like Zac much in his Disney times, but he’s got a great movie career after that. He was on great movies like Hairspray, The Paperboy or At Any Price and he’s got some good movies coming up like Neighbors or That Awkward Moment. He’s one of the few Disney actors that haven’t had a music career and I like that.


2. Hilary Duff

Ok, Lizzie Mcguire was the best Disney Channel show ever and you know it! I love everything Hilary Duff has done with or without Disney, she’s got great songs and great movies and you all should love her too! She was in Disney Channel original movies Cadet Kelly and A Cinderella Story, but after Disney she’s got a great career. She has great movies, great albums and she’s even written a series of books! She’s just great!


1. Lindsay Lohan

I know no one would agree with me on this one, but I just love Lindsay! She’s done some of the best Disney movies ever!! The Parent Trap, Life-Size, Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen… After all those great movies she did even greater movies like Just My Luck or Mean Girls, which is one of the best movies ever!! She also got small roles in movies like Bobby or Machete and she also got two decent albums. I know she’s a total trainwreck right now, but if people don’t give her a chance she’ll continue to make the same mistakes again and again. I just hope she gets it together and eventually she’ll revive her movie career!


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